[Unboxing] Blind Men

by EdEN, Owner

It’s unboxing time, and now it’s the turn of spy romance visual novel Blind Men from Ratalaika Games and Man-Eater Games. Come check it out!

Welcome to a new Unboxing! Today it’s the turn of Blind Men from Ratalaika Games and Man-Eater Games. Blind Men is a romance visual novel of the Yaoi variety. If you’re new to the Yaoi visual novel sub-genre, it means that you’re about to experience a “boys love boys” story. For Blind Men, it means you’ll have the option of romancing one of two characters you’ll get to interact with during your adventure. As is the case for most visual novels, there are choices to be made along the way, and based on the choices you make, you’ll take on different story paths.

Blind Men Review

You’ll play as Keegan, the nephew of a retired supervillain. He’s trying to learn the ropes and prove he has what it takes to become a supervillain. The decisions made along the way will also affect the endings you can get, with Blind Men offering a handful of endings based on your actions. Which one of the two characters will you decide to romance? Will you follow your teachings and side with the villains that you’ve been raised to be part of? Or perhaps the charming spy you meet will find a way to win not only your help but also your heart?

Now our friends at Red Art Games have sent us a physical version of Blind Men on PlayStation 4 for this unboxing! The first thing you’ll see is the slipcover for the game. Open it up, and you’ll notice that the cover for the game’s case is different from the art of the slipcover, which is always great news!

The back cover also features different art for the slipcover and the case, with the slipcover featuring some in-game screens, while the back cover for the game case features the three main characters in Blind Men.

Blind Men got a short print run of only 999 copies, and there aren’t many copies left for Blind Men on PlayStation 4. You better hurry up if you want to have a chance to add one to your collection!

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