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Skeletal Avenger from 10tons is a top-down hack’n’slash roguelite in which you’ll get your revenge, one way or the other. Check our Skeletal Avenger review!

Skeletal Avenger from 10tons is a top-down hack’n’slash roguelite in which you’ll get your revenge, one way or the other. You’ll be taking control of a skeleton warrior with a hard head that can be put to good use if you plan things right. You’ll be able to customize your experience by unlocking new perks as you progress through each run. You’ll explore each area as you loot left and right, trying to survive for as long as possible. Since this is a roguelite, death is always part of the equation, as you get better, improve your abilities, and learn how to survive just a bit longer. And then a bit more. And after that? Well, you’ll hopefully have learned from your mistakes and can get some better loot! Your last memory is seeing your betrayer before you, right before collapsing. After this, you wake up inside of a stone coffin as you rise from the dead!

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You’ll move your character around each area with the left analog stick as you dash with the X button to try and avoid damage. You can use your primary attack with the Square button, a special attack with the Triangle button, and throw your Skull with the Circle button. If you’re ever lost, press the L1 button to bring up your map. The loot you collect will be added to your inventory, which you can review by pressing up on the D-Pad. You should always equip the best items at all times so that you can extend your run. And if you need to use a fountain to heal your wounds or a winch to open up a door, you can do so with the R1 button.

As you find fallen warriors in the dungeons you’ll explore, you can collect perks for your character to take advantage of for that particular dungeon. What perks can you get for your skeletal warrior? You could make it possible for your primary attack to deal a bit of extra fire damage, or perhaps it would make more sense to deal some lightning damage to nearby enemies when dashing. Maybe you’d like to deal poison damage to enemies or leave a rotting puddle behind after dashing to deal 10 points of damage per second. There are many options, with perks split into common, rare, and epic tiers.

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Missions can be taken on from the quest map. Once you’re checking the quest map, you can review the difficulty for each mission, as well as the potential number of rooms and the room order you’ll take on, as well as the eventual reward you can obtain for your efforts. Bloodstones are part of said rewards, and they’re important since they’ll allow you to unlock each nemesis – a.k.a. boss – so that you can slowly make some progress towards getting the revenge you desire. Each nemesis will have its own movement and attack pattern for you to learn so that you can find the right time to deal damage and when you need to stay away.

The many coins you collect by defeating enemies, opening treasure chests, and killing quest targets, can be spent at the Great Hall between quest runs. You’ll be able to purchase skill upgrades as well as better items for your skeleton warrior. These can include increasing the damage for primary attacks, boosting your max health, increasing the damage of special attacks, boosting the damage dealt by your Skull, increasing your luck so that you can find more gold and loot better gear, boost the elemental damage dealt by your attacks, or increase how many Bloodstones are saved when you die.

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You will die during your time with Skeletal Avenger since enemies will grow stronger and level up as you progress further into a dungeon and because of hazards such as spikes that pop out of the ground or barrels that will explode a few seconds after being hit. When you die, you’ll be able to select from a new skeleton warrior that will have some strengths and traits for you to consider for your next run.

The game has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy, and it’s going to be a very grindy one to work on. The list includes 3 Bronze trophies, 11 Silver trophies, and 7 Gold trophies, with objectives that include completing the tutorial, defeating each nemesis in the game, completing 50 quests, defeating 8 enemies with a single skull throw, collecting 10 perks for one skeletal character during a single dungeon, completing a quest without taking any damage, completing a quest without using a weapon, or defeating 100 enemies with environmental hazards, to name some examples.

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Skeletal Avenger is an entertaining randomly generated roguelite dungeon crawler top-down hack’n’slash on PlayStation 5 that can end up feeling a bit repetitive for some of you due to its overall gameplay loop. There’s not as much loot to collect as you’d expect from similar games, but the perks system does help to keep things feeling interesting as you collect enough Bloodstones to be able to take on the next nemesis. Skeletal Avenger is out as a cross-buy title on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 with a $16.99 price.

This Skeletal Avenger review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by 10tons.

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