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Haven Park from Bubble Studio and Mooneye Studios is a very chill and relaxing short game in which you’ll be tasked with managing your grandma’s park. Check our Haven Park review!

Haven Park from Bubble Studio and Mooneye Studios is a very chill and relaxing short game in which you’ll be tasked with managing your grandma’s park. For this, you’ll be paying attention to requests from campers to learn what they need to make their stay more enjoyable. You’ll be attracting a quirky cast of characters to the park as you explore the small but cozy open world of Haven Park, taking on tasks at your own pace, as you unlock new skills that will help you make all campers have an even happier time.

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After your grandma mentions she’s getting a bit too old for taking care of the park, you’ll get started by checking out the campsites… but you really can’t remember where they are – you know, same as us! Your first step will be to find Sunshine Cove, the campsite closest to your grandma’s house so that you can start to fix things up. Once you go West, you’ll locate Sunshine Cove, which turns out to be a cozy beach! You’ll find lots of resources there that will help you get started properly.

You’ll control Flint with the left analog stick or the D-Pad as you walk around each area you’ll explore. You will sometimes need to jump with the B button and will get to perform an action with the A button based on what is needed. This includes collecting coins or opening boxes to collect resources such as metal, fabric, or mushrooms, which you’re going to need to craft useful items. If you want to get a better look at your surroundings, you can check the map with the Y button.

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As you collect coins, resources and complete tasks, you can gain experience points to level up. You’ll have to fix street lights by using some of the metal pieces you collect, build a campfire or a bench by using some wood, or perhaps a beach umbrella with some wood and fabric to give campers a nice spot to rest at the beach. Perhaps a tent or a teepee – which, as you’ve probably guessed by now, will need you to use some wood and fabric – can help campers get some proper sleep so that they can be ready to enjoy the activities you’ll craft.

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As you obtain experience points and Flint levels up, he will gain skill points. These can be used by opening your notebook with the – button to spend them on new skills. These include, for example, being able to find more coins – which I suggest you unlock as soon as you get one skill point since it will help to boost how fast you can level up while also boosting how many coins you have or building stuff– finding more metal, finding more fabric, making it possible for your map to display more elements, having a stronger torch to light your way at night, considerably increasing Flint’s walking speed and jump height, or boosting how many resources you can carry.

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Haven Park is a very relaxing and chill short experience you can take on at your own pace as you help to take care of your grandma’s park. You’ll make good progress at a steady pace as you collect fabric, metal, mushrooms, and other resources to fix a light here, build a campfire and a tent there and gain access to new building types so that more and more campers can visit. You can probably end up completely fixing the park in around 4-5 hours, which is the perfect length for this charming experience. Haven Park is out on Nintendo Switch with an $8.99 asking price.

This Haven Park review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Mooneye Studios.

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