Mask of Mists Is Getting Physical!

by EdEN, Owner

Red Art Games is working on a physical release for Mask of Mists from 9 Eyes Games Studio and Sometimes You on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!

Mask of Mists is an action-adventure game in a first-person view in which you are immersed in exploring the world full of magic and secrets!

In this game, you are a mercenary who was assigned to find a missing person. One of the Archmages of the Academy broke the communication when he was conducting his research in the depths of the Infected Territory. At one time this area had been exposed to the monstrous amount of magic, and it is filled now with creatures of the Abyss. Go on the trail of the missing Archmage and plunge into the atmosphere of an adventure full of magic and dangers!

Mask of Mists Features:

– Explore ancient ruins, mysterious caves, and abandoned houses

– Fight with magical creatures

– Collect items and use them to solve puzzles

– Create alchemical potions from the magic plants you found

– Open the passageway between the worlds and find the legendary artifact!

Be sure to grab a copy of Mask of Mists from 9 Eyes Games Studio and Sometimes You on PS4 or Nintendo Switch from our friends at Red Art Games.

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