[FREE Game] Alignment Sharp Publisher GIVEAWAY (Nintendo Switch – NA)

by Ceidz, Owner

Alignment Sharp is offering you the chance to win a free game from their catalog.

Here are the games that you can win:

Cape’s Escape Game 2.5th Room (Nintendo Switch – NA)

Cape’s Escape Game 2.5th Room is a short adventure game in which you’ll have to solve a bunch of puzzles to find the key that will finally set you free from the apartment. Depending on your experience with escape games, you should complete this one in an hour or so. And once you’ve completed it, you can give it another go to try and find the 20 Cape cards that have been hidden around the apartment.

Cape’s Escape Game 3rd Room (Nintendo Switch – NA)

As has been the case with the other games in this series, Cape’s Escape Game 3rd Room is a short adventure game that you can complete in an hour or so, depending on your experience with the genre. Once you manage to escape from the convenience store, you’ll be able to take the game for a new spin with some new puzzles as you search for a set of hidden cards.

Now’s YOUR time to win FREE NA copies of these games on the Nintendo Switch platform.
* Games will be randomly awarded to the winners.

The giveaway ends on February 18, 2022 at midnight (PST).

Good luck!

FREE Digital Copy of a game from Alignment Sharp Giveaway (Nintendo Switch NA) | PS4blog.net

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