[Unboxing] Yestermorrow

by EdEN, Owner

It’s the weekend, so it’s time to check our unboxing for Yestermorrow, a 2D platforming adventure through a parallel timeline. Come check it out!

Yestermorrow, from Bitmap Galaxy and Blowfish Studios, is a 2D platforming adventure through a parallel timeline. You will be taking on this adventure as Yui, who will do some time-traveling into the past to try and save the world trapped in a never-ending night. Thanks to the power of the all-mighty Everlight, Yui will travel between the more serene, colorful, and calm landscapes of the past, along with the scenes of the unnerving and corrupted future, where things have taken a turn for the worse. It does a great job of introducing new abilities at a steady pace as to not overwhelm you, to then present to you a boss fight that will test what you’ve just learned. You can check out our review for the game by clicking right here.

The studios teamed up with Red Art Games for a physical release for Yestermorrow on PlayStation 4, with only 999 printed copies, making it one of the lowest print run games out there!

You’ll get the game’s colorful cover art to greet you as you open up the shrinkwrap for the game.

Inside, there will be the PlayStation 4 disc for Yestermorrow on the right side of the case, with a giant wall of text on the left side with a bunch of disclaimers.

Flip the case over, and you will then get a couple of screens for the game, a reminder of the age rating, and some information about what you need to be able to play this one on your PlayStation 4 console.

There aren’t many physical copies left for Yestermorrow on PlayStation 4, so if you want to secure yours from this 999 limited print run, then you better hurry up!

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