Super UFO Fighter Out Next Month

by EdEN, Owner

Super UFO Fighter from VV-LABO and Phoenixx will launch next month on Nintendo Switch on January 13, 2022. Come check it out!

Super UFO Fighter is a 1 vs. 1 sports battle game featuring cute UFO characters. The controls are simple: just movement and two actions. Smash the falling Capsules and try to find the Target!

Once you find the Target, use your Shwoop Beam to pull it up!

Earn points by getting the Target into your Goal area!

When it comes to stealing Targets, anything goes! Snatch, throw, and even punch your way to victory!
Use each stage’s gimmick to score goals faster than your opponent!
Go go, Super UFO Fighter!

Super UFO Fighter Features:

Unique characters and fun-filled stages!

Each battle is a strategic matchup between characters with special skills!

Physics-based item movement and varied stage gimmicks are guaranteed to cause chaos!

Online play available with quick matches, battles with friends, and more!

We’ve even got a Story Mode!

Vibrant visuals and terrific tunes keep the vibes riding high!

Copious Capsules stuffed with over 100 unique items!

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