[PlayStation 5] Let’s Sing 2022 Review

by the_nmac

Grab your microphones or connect your phone and take on a variety of songs on PlayStation 5. Check out our Let’s Sing 2022 review!

Give it your all and become the superstar you were meant to be with a playlist that features current hits as well as classics that guarantee a blast from the past. Lady Gaga with “Stupid Love”, Shawn Mendes & Justin Bieber with “Monster”, Ariana Grande with “Positions”, Jason Derulo & Jawsh 685 with “Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat)” or Billie Eilish with “everything I wanted” are just some of the smash hits featured in the latest entry into the Let’s Sing series. If you want to travel back in time instead, how about the Backstreet Boys with “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” or The White Stripes with “Seven Nation Army”?

Sing your heart out!

• Your favourite Karaoke game on the next generation of gaming!

• 30 new songs, mixing current chart breakers and all-time classics!

• Eight thrilling Game Modes

• Prove that you’re the best singer in our Legend singleplayer mode. Earn stars and beat the bosses to claim the throne!

• No mic at hand? It doesn’t matter – with the Let’s Sing Mic app, you can turn your smartphone into a microphone in no time at all

• Singleplayer experience and online leaderboards!

• Co-op modes for up to eight players!

• More songs on the in-game store!

Music games have been around for years. I loved Rockband back in the day and spent a bunch of time on the guitar, but I enjoyed singing as well, even though everyone around me didn’t. That being said. it’s been years since I’ve been in front of the mic. That’s changes with me playing Let’s Sing 2022 from Voxler and Koch Media!



As I haven’t played a Let’s Sing title before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought I might have to dust out the old Rockband mics! However, the developers know that a lot of people just wouldn’t have that available to them, so they created a nifty smartphone app for both Android and iOS that you can download to get the party started. I will say this worked pretty well as a microphone, so much so that I gave up my search for my USB microphones!

The concept of Let’s Sing 2022 is pretty simple. You will pick a song and sing along as you follow the lyrics on the screen. As the song moves, you’ll have the words down at the bottom of the screen, while in the middle, you’ll have them coming across with the pitch they should be sung in, broken up by phrases. If you have played Rockband before, this will seem very familiar.

I’ll be honest here: I love Karaoke, but I’m not good at it in any fashion — and that rung true as well in Let’s Sing 2022. As the words were coming across the screen, I definitely wasn’t nailing the pitch in most cases. In fact, my wife laughed at me the entire time! I also found that since some words were broken up due to the pitch changing mid-word, I would get some words wrong. That didn’t stop me from having a fun time!

There is a Career Mode called Legends which you can play through as you unlock multiple new sets of clothing for the available avatars. Classic Mode is there if you just want to belt some tunes without worrying too much. You will have several multiplayer modes. There is a good amount of modes to keep people busy, and I could see this being fun at parties, especially with how accessible it is using just your phone with the app as a microphone.

In terms of the music selection, it’s pretty solid. I’m old, and I’ll be honest, I really didn’t know some of the newer songs, but at least I was familiar with the artists. The list mixes older songs with newer releases, so you’re going to get songs like Everybody by the Back Street Boys, Pretty Fly for a White Guy by The Offspring, Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes, What about us by P!nk, and even the appropriate seasonally themed Last Christmas by Wham!, on top of newer songs such as one of the latest hits from Silk Sonic.

This does lead me to one of the game’s criticisms: there are no country songs available as part of the initial tracklist. My wife really likes country music, and with no songs in the genre, I wasn’t able to have her join me for a song. There are country songs available as DLC, in case you want to expand your repertoire, and there are also DLC packs for classics from the 1980s, 1990s, and more.

Let’s Sing 2022 is a good singing game. Its score on the pitch looks good, but maybe not great for tone-deaf people like myself. While there is a good mix of music – more songs available from the start would have been appreciated – there are 30 songs in here from many genres that will keep you coming back for more, especially when you break it out as a party game. And if you like the gameplay, there are plenty of extra songs you can get as DLC. Let’s Sing 2022 is out on PlayStation with a $39.99 asking price.

This Let’s Sing 2022 review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Koch Media.

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