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Evil Genius 2 from Rebellion is a supervillain/management sim on PlayStation 5 in which you’ll try to take over the world. Can you actually do it? Learn more in our Evil Genius 2 review!

Evil Genius 2 from Rebellion is a supervillain/management sim on PlayStation 4 in which you’ll try to take over the world. As the name suggests, you’ll be in control of a Genius of the evil variety who is out for world domination. Your options are Maximillian, a mega rich megalomaniac, Red Ivan, a heavy muscle madman, scientific mastermind Zalika, and ex-spymaster turned poison pro Emma. You can check out their in-game bio to learn more about each one. What I will mention is that, as expected, each Genius will have a different set of abilities that can help you plan your actions to maximize their evil potential. For example, Zalika can use her expertise to repair all items and extinguish any fires within her aura thanks to the use of nanobots, while Red Ivan can use a powerful rocket launcher to fire a devastatingly powerful explosive shot.

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There are three island locations where you can decide to build your supervillain HQ, and you’ll have to choose wisely because each one has many pros and cons to consider! You might camouflage your evil base like a casino resort, hiding in plain sight all of your evil plans behind closed doors. Design your villain lair as you see fit, as you set up rooms, add henchmen and minions, set up traps to keep spies and agents away. A Venus Spy-Trap might be a good option for decorating a hall!

Before you get started with the game proper, you’ll have to do a first-time setup with a ton of options to customize your experience. You can set the brightness so that the screen display feels right or decide if the game should auto-pause when you’re in Build Mode, when the Genius comes under attack, or when in full screen menus. You can also make sure the game requests you to confirm all executions by the Genius. You can set the autosave frequency interval or how the game should prompt a save when you quit.

There are also several accessibility options that can be activated as needed. These include activating a color blind setting for deuteranopia, protanopia, or tritanopia, establishing how long an overhead should display above a character, modifying the scale of the magnify cursor, establishing the speed at which text will scroll, enabling depth of field, enabling or disabling flashing HUD elements, enable or disable OLED safe color mode, change the camera rotation and panning speed, as well as the zoom sensitivity.

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Once you’ve taken care of all that, you can decide to jump into a game by way of quick start, create a new game by selecting a Genius, island, and difficulty setting, or go into Sandbox Mode, where you can take on dominating the world at your own pace, building the lair of your dreams! You do need to be aware that playing in Sandbox Mode will disable all trophies since it’s a game mode that gives you a lot of power over how you build everything, and it would essentially break the trophy hunting experience.

To play, you’ll move the camera with the left analog stick and rotate it with the right one. You can pause time by pressing in on the left analog stick or fast-forward time by pressing in on the right analog stick – a.k.a., using the L3 and R3 triggers. To navigate the UI, you’ll have to use the D-Pad. The X button will be for making selections and confirming actions, while the Circle button is for canceling. The Square button will be for contextual actions, as is the case for the Dual Sense’s touchpad. The L1 and R1 buttons can be used for moving one floor down or up as needed. You can zoom in and out by using the L2 and R2 buttons.

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Building the best lair gold can buy is crucial to your plans, so you’ll need to make good use of the build menu as you select the areas over which you’ll build, for example, a vault where you can store your gold, as well as the gold pallets where said gold will be placed. You can also build barracks for your minions to relax and unwind after a long day of evil doing. You’re going to have to build them some beds so that they can recover for a bit when their stats are running a bit low, or else they’ll become useless to your cause!

As you can probably imagine, to take over the world, you’re going to have to do things just right, one evil scheme at a time. The odds of having a good scheme will greatly depend on how prepared your henchmen and minions are, as well as on the difficulty setting you’ve selected when starting a run. In Easy, the game will feel like taking candy from a baby since the challenge will not be as high. Medium is the standard difficulty setting, which is ideal for those of you with some experience in the genre. Hard will bump up the challenge level to 11 since agents won’t die as easily, and gold is not as plentiful, which will keep you from expanding at a faster pace.

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Trophy-wise, Evil Genius 2 has a long trophy list for you to work on as you try to add one more Platinum trophy to your collection. As soon as you start, you’ll get one trophy out of the way: Moving In. After this, you’ll work on a list of 54 Bronze trophies, 4 Silver trophies, and one lonely Gold trophy. The objectives for unlocking the rest of the trophies include completing the game’s tutorial, building a control room and an inner sanctum, taking care of an intruder and then destroying the evidence, recruiting 300 minions at once, training a guard, a mercenary, a hitman, a martial artist, a valet, a socialite, a spindoctor, a counter agent, a technician, a scientist, a biologist, and a quantum chemist, recruiting a henchman, dying for the first time, having one million Gold in the vault, or defeating a super agent with your Genius, to name some examples. It’s a long list that will keep you busy for a while!

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Evil Genius 2 is a colorful and fun supervillain/management sim on PlayStation 5 that you should definitely check out. It has a good tutorial to get you started, the option of selecting how difficult of a run you want to have, four Genius to control, and three islands to make your own as you build the best lair possible. Evil Genius 2 is available as a cross-buy release, which means you will get the PS4 and PS5 versions with your purchase, and each one will have its own trophy list for you to work on. The one complaint I’d have is that, as is usually the case with games that also have a PC presence, the text is a bit small, so you’ll have to sit closer to the screen.

Evil Genius 2 is out on PlayStation 4 with a $39.99 price. While there are two DLC packs available for free – one for Portal 2 and another one for the Pyro from Team Fortress 2 – there are also several additional DLC packs available either separately or as part of the game’s Season Pass. You can get both the main game and the season pass for $59.99 and save some money, or first get the game and then get the Season Pass at a later date for a $26.99 price. What’s included? The Season Pass gives you one campaign pack, one lair items pack, two henchmen packs, and two minion packs – Cabal, Abomination, Rise of the Valkyrie, Mechanical Minions, and the aforementioned items.

This Evil Genius 2 review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Rebellion.

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