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Wukong from A Tale of Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment is a retro-inspired platformer. Check our Wukong review!

Wukong is a 3D platformer in which you will have to travel distinct levels in search of the stolen scrolls!
Jump, spin and throw your staff to defeat your enemies and conquer the different challenges you will face in this small adventure!

Wukong our hero fell asleep on his cloud (his main locomotion vehicle) and dropped his precious treasures all over the kingdom. You’ll go on an adventure to recover his precious possessions.

Wukong is a modern-looking but retro-inspired platformer very similar to how Crash Bandicoot used to look in the early PlayStation days. You’ll go through all the kingdom levels in order to recover the collectibles. Each level is designed as a simple platform game. The camera is fixed and the game takes advantage of this and hides all the collectibles in places that are out of the normal field of view. In a few levels, you’ll also find a cloud lying on, and hopping on it leads to a bonus level.

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Speaking of the collectibles, they are relatively well hidden, but if you carefully explore each level, they’re not that hard to find on your first run. Once you recover collectibles, the game also tells you which one out of the 3 hidden in each level you’ve found, so you’ll have a general idea of where to search for the missing one(s). About half of the game trophies will pop naturally by finding every collectible in each level.

There are a lot of coins laying around and some that come off pots when they’re broken. The coins aren’t auto-collected, and there is no virtual magnet around you, so you’ll have to slowly collect every coin that pops around you. Apart from being tiresome to collect, their only use is to collect some to get new lives, which honestly isn’t that needed.

Wukong Review - 1

Wukong is easy until you reach the green moving platforms in the level Descent (lv 6) which felt like a weird difficulty spike for an otherwise very easy game up to that point. I even thought that the platforms were exceedingly frustrating because of the speed they moves.

The enemy roster is pretty original, with normal “animals” getting a fantasy make-over. They can be beaten by pressing the Square button for a spin attack, or R1 for a throw attack.

Wukong is built on the Unreal Engine and takes a few seconds to load on the PlayStation 5, so I’m guessing those loading times would be longer on the PlayStation 4 console. The visual presentation is great and cartoonish. The background soundtrack however is instrumental, using jungle-like instruments with bongos and other similar instruments. I didn’t find the music to be particularly appealing. There is almost no vibration on the DualSense.

As for the trophies, this game is said to be an “easy” Platinum, but while it is one that can be achieved quickly, it does require some skill. There are trophies awarded for finding all the collectibles (dragons and scrolls), collecting money, and defeating enemies in misc methods. A few harder trophies require you to finish a level without being hit, which required a few (frustrating) tries. All in all, I obtained the Platinum trophy in a little less than two hours.

Wukong Review - 2

Wukong is a good platformer that pays homage to its inspiration, namely Crash Bandicoot. I liked the way the levels were designed with his hidden collectibles but got frustrated at the abrupt difficulty spike starting at the Descent level. The presentation is great, but the background soundtrack is below average. You can achieve a new Platinum trophy in less than 2 hours of game time, and even faster if you follow the guide below.

Here’s a trophy guide if you’re looking for the shortest route to the Platinum Trophy:

This Wukong review is based on a PlayStation copy provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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