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Warp Frontier from Brawsome is a sci-fi point and click adventure game that pays homage to the classics in the genre. Learn more in our Warp Frontier review!

Warp Frontier from Brawsome is a sci-fi point and click adventure game that pays homage to the classics in the genre. It’s set in the year 2215, and it places you in the role of one Police Captain Vincent Cassini, who, after being shot at while patrolling the orbital slums of his home planet Cetus, ends up stumbling upon something that is much bigger than anything he had ever experienced before. You’ll be joined on this adventure by your MAC robot partner, who will prove to be very useful at saving your life more than once.

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You’ll spend a lot of time going into and out of your spaceship as you use the tools of your vessel, its scanner, communications, and navigation systems to find out what is really going on. Choices matter, and what you end up doing -and the order in which you do things – will decide the type of person that Vince ends up becoming. Will Vince investigate a distress call, or will he go and search for his missing stepdaughter?

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Since Warp Frontier is a point and click adventure game that pays homage to the classics, you’ll be able to play in one of two ways, either using the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers or by using the console’s touchscreen to point and click to interact as needed. You can move the cursor around the screen, and you can interact based on what the cursor type is – wait, interact, or talk. Any items you find that can be useful for your journey will be added to your inventory. You can then use them on other items, characters, or each area itself, as you scroll between items with the L, ZL, R, and ZR buttons. If you want to check all the hotspots around the screen, just press the X button. And if you’re ever stuck, just check the hints section to get a heads-up on what needs to be done to progress.

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As to not spoil things for you, I’ll talk about the first puzzle you’ll run into during your time with Warp Frontier. After your ship is shot, thus receiving some light damage, a hole will be present on one of its walls. You, of course, must fix it. To do this, you’ll need to not only find the right tools for the job but also something that can be used to seal off the hole. Going outside the ship, you’ll find some tools behind a tool panel… which just happens to be the right size for sealing the hole! Unfortunately, there’s too much air pressure, so you can’t set the panel on the outside of the ship. Perhaps if you lowered the cabin pressure, you’d be able to sort things out so that you can place the panel and use some glue to keep it in place?

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Warp Frontier is a fun sci-fi point and click adventure game that pays homage to the classics. There are some challenging puzzles up ahead, as was usually the case for adventure games from ages past, but if you’re ever stumped, you can easily check the hints section. Once you’ve completed Warp Frontier, I suggest that you go into the options menu and activate the developer commentary so that you can get some insight into how the game was created, straight from the source. Warp Frontier is out on Nintendo Switch with a $14.99 price.

This Warp Frontier review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Brawsome.

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