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by EdEN, Owner

Sokobond from Draknek & Friends is a minimalist puzzle game about chemistry. Learn more in our Sokobond review!

Sokobond from Draknek & Friends is a minimalist puzzle game about chemistry. Your task is simple: use the elements on each level to build a molecule, so that you can then do it all over again in the next stage. For example, the first stage has two H and one O, which means you can make an H2O molecule – a.k.a. water. The game’s presentation allows you to focus on each puzzle, without any unneeded flashiness.

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Complete a level in Sokobond, and you’ll get to learn some information about what the molecule that you’ve just created! There are no timers rushing you to try and find the right solution for each puzzle, so you can take your time and solve each one at your own pace. You’ll so this while accompanied by a just as chill soundtrack that does a great job of complementing the experience.

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As expected, the difficulty increases as you progress through the game, asking you to build more complex molecules while moving each element the playing area so that all can be connected. You will quickly go from making H2O molecules to creating H2O2, which is hydrogen peroxide. From there, you’ll be trying to build molecules for NH2 – ammonia -, CH4 – methane -, C2H6O – ethanol – and more.

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If you’re looking for a chill and relaxing puzzle game with a healthy dose of chemistry, then you’re definitely going to need to download Sokobond on Nintendo’s console! With a more than 100 levels to solve and a $9.99 asking price, this is an easy one to recommend for puzzle fans who are looking for something different to play, all while learning some valuable information!

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This Sokobond review is based on a Nintendo Switch review provided by Draknek & Friends.

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