New FREE Bonus Game – Timelie

by EdEN, Owner

Charming 3D puzzle game Timelie from Zordix and Urnique Studio is now available as one of the FREE bonus games you can win in our HUGE Holiday 2021 giveaway!

Every second matters in Timelie, a stealth puzzle adventure, where you control time like a media player.
Foresee and rewind
The Timeline ability gives players the power to control time just like a media player. Drag the Timeline left rewind time and undo your past mistakes. Drag it right to watch your future unfold and gain you valuable information to change your past.

Coopreative play, for one
Control both the girl and the cat simultaneously, timing their movements and actions to complement each other, escape detection, distract enemies, and ultimately escape the world they’re trapped in. Experience cooperative play for a single player like never before.

A world beyond time
Lose yourself in a vibrant world filled with colorful abstractions and surreal visuals. Explore strange realms filled with danger…but also discovery.

We’ll also be working on a review for Timelie from Zordix and Urnique Studio, so be sure to stick around at!

Timelie Review - 4

Timelie Review - 3

Timelie Review - 2

Timelie Review - 1

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