New Bonus Game For Our Holiday 2021 Giveaway!

by EdEN, Owner

The excellent Alwa’s Legacy is launching this week on PlayStation 4, and to celebrate, Elden Pixels has shared with us some NA and EU PS4 codes for you to win!

A modern retro adventure game filled with magic, secrets and exploration!
Alwa’s Legacy is a modern retro game full of dangerous dungeons, mystic items and ancient secrets. Upgrade your magic and choose your own path in this non-linear adventure game brimming with exploration.

You can enter for a chance to win a NA or EU PS4 code for Alwa’s Legacy from Elden Pixels – as well as a ton of other retail and indie games up for grabs – by clicking right here.

Alwa's Legacy Nintendo Review - 3

Alwa’s Legacy Features:

Customized playing
– Choose how you want to play with our clever upgrade system – More explorative, fearless or strategic. You decide!

Exploration is rewarded
– Leave no stone unturned! The world of Alwa is filled with secrets and finding them requires for you to delve into an abundance of puzzles

A non-linear experience
– Combining your exploration with different item upgrades allows for finding your own way throughout the adventure

Looks and sounds amazing
– Enjoy crisp pixel-art paired with modern effects and a spellbinding soundtrack by chiptune extraordinaire RushJet1

A challenge awaits
– Quick reflexes are needed to navigate through the many challenging rooms and with easy-to-change settings anyone can enjoy Alwa’s Legacy!

Alwa's Legacy Review - 1

Alwa's Legacy Review - 2

Alwa's Legacy Nintendo Switch Review - 4

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