[Unboxing] Journey of the Broken Circle

by EdEN, Owner

Friday is finally here! Are you ready for a new unboxing? Then check out Journey of the Broken Circle on PS4!

Journey of the Broken Circle from Lovable Hat Cult, Nakana.io, and Red Art Games is a colorful story-driven 2D platforming adventure about life, love, fulfillment, and existentialism. Yes, I know what you’re thinking: that sure does look like Pac-Man. The titular character is a Circle that is broken and is missing a part, hence why it looks as if someone cut a slice out of a round pie.

Journey of the Broken Circle Review - 1

You’ll be rolling around through each area, and that part that Circle is missing will play a role in this journey of self-discovery. As you roll around each area, Circle will make comments about his current situation and the areas it visits, and the game will also present some extra narrative bits here and there. For example, Circle will complain about the piece it’s missing and how, if it was a full circle, it would be able to roll at a better pace, which definitely makes a lot of sense. Things would certainly go smoother for each of us if we felt complete, right? But maybe finding what we think we’re missing is not going to be the solution.

Journey of the Broken Circle Review - 2

I got a chance to review this one when it was released on the Nintendo Switch, so I was happy to see the game get a physical release on PlayStation 4.The box art and the interior art on the disc do a good job of not spoiling the game, all while showcasing the chill and interesting art style you’ll get to see when you take this one for a spin.

Journey of the Broken Circle PS4 Review - 3

If you hurry up, you can get one of the remaining copies for this very limited 999 print run for €19.99 by clicking right here.

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