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Blue Reflection: Second Light from Koei Tecmo America and Gust Studio is finally out on PlayStation 4. Learn more about it in our Blue Reflection: Second Light review!

Sequel Blue Reflection: Second Light from Koei Tecmo America and Gust Studio is finally out on PlayStation 4. It’s technically a sequel of the standalone type, which means you don’t need to play the previous game to be able to enjoy this one. You will go on a journey with Ao Hoshizaki, Kokoro Utsubo, and Yuki Kinjou, who end up being transported into a mysterious floating academy. Their goal will now be to find a way to return home, with nothing more than their names as their memories. Not having any memories is definitely far from ideal, which is why it’s a good thing that a new land appears near the academy.

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The girls call this new location Heartscape, the heart of the world. It’s an area where they can find valuable resources that can be used for crafting useful items or to be used for cooking. Sure, there are also enemies to be fought, as is usually the case for a colorful and gorgeous RPG such as this one. But most important of all is how Heartscape has memory shards that the group can collect to uncover each heroine’s memories, all while discovering valuable clues that might help to bring them closer to finding a way home. The voice acting is in Japanese with English subtitles, so unless you know the language, you’ll be doing a lot of reading during your adventure! You’ll probably get a bit of an Atelier vibe when playing the game, which makes sense since they do share some elements here and there.

Gameplay is split into your time spent at the school and your time spent exploring the different Heartscapes, as you collect items and take on enemies to level up from the experience points you gain. Combat is not of the random battle type since you’ll have to run into enemies while exploring a Heartscape to trigger a fight. As expected, when in battle, the goal is to defeat all enemies by reducing their hit points to zero while trying to keep yours as high as possible. As time passes, each character will generate Ether, which is the energy used by the girls to activate skills.

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Each skill you use will have a different Ether cost to be activated, and it will have an effect on how far back a girl is placed in the Timeline at the bottom right of the screen that lets you know when they’ll get a chance to act again. With every skill you use, your Ether recovery speed will improve, lowering the time between turns. This means that the more active you are in battle, the easier it will be to destroy your opponents! All of this is also important since you have to build up a combo to deal any proper damage. Skills on their own won’t deal much damage, but when they’re part of a combo, the damage will start to stack and will receive a multiplier boost. More powerful skills will require more Ether, so you’ll have to decide when you should wait for one of the girls to build up the extra Ether, and when using a flurry of weaker but faster-paced attacks is the way to go.

When exploring or walking around the school, you’ll move your character with the left analog stick, swinging the camera around as needed with the right one. You can examine things, collect objects and talk to other characters with the X button. When in a Heartscape, pressing the Square button will swing your sword so that you can try and gain the upper hand. When in school, the L1 button will show you the school menu while showing you the map for the Heartscape when exploring.

The items you collect can be used for crafting, which will probably remind you of the synthesis process in the Atelier series. You will first craft a Tamagoyaki by using one of the giant eggs you collected as well as some herbs. This support item will help you recover some of your lost hit points. Items are crafted from memories. Once you’ve selected a memory, pick how many of said item you want to craft – as long as you have enough materials – and you’re set! Some items can be used for crafting more than one item type, and the properties they will have will aid you on your journey.

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Characters will also sometimes have Requests for you to take on. For example – and as to not spoil things too much – early in the game, you get an urgent FreeSpace message from Yuki. When you talk to her, you’ll learn that all of the food is gone! Her Request will be an easy one to complete since you’ll have to go and collect three Balloon Cabbage so that she can cook up something for everyone to eat. You should definitely look into completing as many Requests as possible since you’ll get some trophies for it as well as other bonuses.

The game includes a Photo Mode, which you can use to take pictures by placing the characters and taking screenshots depending on what filters you’ve applied. Just press in on the left analog stick, and you’ll activate Photo Mode. You can add different filters, such as changing the saturation and contrast, enhancing the red, blue, or green colors, adding a pastel filter, adding a low or high blur filter, a mosaic filter, and more. You can also add frames to your screenshots, change the time of the day, adjust the depth of field, remove NPC or enemies from the shot, move a character around, change their pose, add other characters, roll the camera or zoom in and out as needed so that you can get the shot you want.

Trophy-wise, Blue Reflection: Second Light has a long trophy list for you to work through as you try to add a new Platinum trophy to your collection. The trophy list is split into 39 Bronze trophies, 7 Silver trophies, and 2 Gold trophies. As for the requirements, you’re going to have to craft 50 different items, develop 30 facilities, fulfill 50 requests, explore all locations, collect all memory shards and help each of the girls in the game recover their lost memories, as well as raise each girl’s level to the maximum. As you can probably tell, it’s going to be a long road towards that new Platinum!

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Blue Reflection: Second Light is a great JRPG on PlayStation 4 that you should definitely check out. The game looks great on Sony’s console, making the game feel like an anime come to life. There’s a lot to do as you build up the relationships between the girls, explore the Heartscapes and collect the lost memories, all while taking on the many enemies and bosses that will stand in your way. As long as you complete quests and increase each girl’s Talent Levels as they gain Talent Points, you’ll be able to increase their Talent Skills – based on their personalities – with more options unlocking as you progress through the story. Use Talent Points to, for example, boost a character’s total HP, increase the damage dealt by a small percentage, or boost their defense, and you’ll be ready to take on harder enemies. Blue Reflection: Second Light is out on PlayStation 4 with a $59.99 price.

This Blue Reflection: Second Light review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Koei Tecmo America.

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