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Cotton 100% from ININ Games brings us the classic shoot ‘em up from Success to the PlayStation 4. Learn more about this gem in our Cotton 100% review!

Cotton 100% from ININ Games brings us the classic shoot ‘em up from Success to the PlayStation 4. Cotton 100% was originally released on the Super Famicom in Japan way back in 1994, offering a colorful sidescrolling shoot ‘em up experience that follows what Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams set out to do while offering revamped graphics and sound thanks to the power of the mighty Super Famicom, as well as some changes here and there. You’ll be playing as the titular witch who is joined by fairy Silk as they embark on an adventure to rid the land of the darkness.

The controls are what you’d expect for a shoot ‘em up. You’ll move Cotton with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, shooting with the Square button, suing bombs with the X button, and activate your magic attack with the Circle button. You can select between the available magic attacks by pressing the Triangle button. If the rewind function is enabled, you can press the L1 button at any time to instantly rewind the action, which is a great way to stay alive if you make a mistake and end up being hit by a bullet.

There are four different sets of magic attacks that you can select for your adventure. You could decide to have the fire dragon, thunder, and twincle star magic, have the fire fairy, bubble, and twinkle star magic set, the fire fairy, thunder, and protective barrier set, or the fire dragon, bubble, and protective barrier set. Each of these will have a direct effect on how you approach things, so be sure to give them all a try to find the right one based on your playing style!

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You can play this one either in Standard or Challenge Mode. For Standard, you can make use of the rewind feature, use save states to save your progress at any moment while you play, as well as enable cheats to help you along the way – but you’ll first have to complete the game once in Standard or Challenge Mode to have access to the cheats. Challenge Mode throws at you the original experience without the aforementioned extras, and it also features its own set of trophies that you need to work your way through, so if you want to 100% this one, you’re going to have to do multiple runs.

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Speaking of trophies, Cotton 100% has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy. The list has 16 Silver trophies and six Gold trophies, with requirements split between the Standard and the Challenge Mode versions of the game. You’ll have to beat each stage in each mode, as well as work your way towards scoring over 500,000 points in total for each of them. Because of this, you need to play the game at least once in each mode, but you will probably need to do three runs since odds are you won’t be able to get more than 500,000 points during your first run in Standard Mode.

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Cotton 100% is a very fun and colorful shoot ‘em up with a great soundtrack, and it’s a must-play for fans of the genre. It offers a revamped take on Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams on the Super Famicom, and it offers both the original game experience as well as a new Standard Mode with quality-of-life improvements such as an instant rewind ability and being able to unlock and activate different cheats that can help players of all skill levels ace the game. Cotton 100% is out on PlayStation 4, and you can get the digital version for $14.99, or visit Strictly Limited Games for a physical PlayStation 4 version, or even get the game on a Super NES cartridge!

This Cotton 100% review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by ININ Games.

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