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Tux and Fanny from Ghost Time Games is a quirky adventure game based on the animated movie of the same name. Learn more in our Tux and Fanny review!

Tux and Fanny from Ghost Time Games is a quirky adventure game based on the animated movie of the same name. It’s a movie that is made up of the short episodes of the series from Albert Birney – episodes 1 to 79, to be precise. It’s a weird one to explain, but I’ll sure try! Tux and Fanny are two friends who live together in the forest where, as expected, adventure awaits around every corner. For this particular adventure, Tux and Fanny want to play soccer, but their ball is deflated! They must, therefore, go on an epic journey to solve this problem.

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You will be playing as Tux, Fanny, Sasha, and Flea. Tux and Fanny are the titular best friends. Sasha is a car, and Sasha is hungry. As for Flea, it’s a Flea, and it’s also hungry. Tux and Fanny is a pretty out-there type of adventure game, with several mini-games to complete, including a game within a game within a game. The objects you collect will be added to your inventory, which you can review with the X button so that you can find the right item for solving each puzzle. After unlocking the shed, you’ll be able to combine some items to create new ones that will then be used to solve even more puzzles.

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You will gain access to a record player, which you can activate at any time by pressing the R button so that you can listen to any of the records you have found. There is also a computer to which you can install the different computer disks you’ll find during your journey. Who knows, maybe if you beat a computer game, you’ll be rewarded! There’s a handy bookshelf with lots of books for you to check out. Some of them might have useful hints, while others will have interesting illustrations, stories to read, or valuable knowledge for you to absorb.

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You have plenty of collectibles to find if you want to 100% the game. There are 32 buttons to collect, 50 flowers and bugs to admire with your binoculars and magnifying glass, 22 flowers, 9 clouds, 7 cat clues, 36 records, 22 disks, and 17 costumes. As you collect objects and solve puzzles, your overall score will increase. The closer you are to getting the highest score possible, the closer you are to completing this adventure game.

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Tux and Fanny is a quirky adventure game with a charming presentation, gameplay mechanics that pay homage to the classics in the genre, and lots of collectibles to find, all for a price of only $9.99. It features some fun mini-games, lots of content to read from the books you can find inside of the pair’s house,

This Tux and Fanny review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Ghost Time Games.

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