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A Boy and His Blob from Ziggurat brings us a new chance to play WayForward’s 2D hand-drawn reimagining of the NES classic. Check our A Boy and His Blob review!

A Boy and His Blob from Ziggurat brings us a new chance to play WayForward’s 2D hand-drawn reimagining of the classic NES game. It’s a reimagining of the original, which was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System way back in 1989. The original game had you collecting lots of jellybeans of different flavors so that you could feed them to your blob companion and have him transform into all sorts of things, such as an umbrella, a ladder, a hole, a bubble, a jack, and more.

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It wasn’t the easiest of games since it was an NES-hard adventure where if you use the wrong jellybean, you won’t have enough to complete the puzzles and explore every area needed to help Blobert return home to save Blobolonia before it’s too late. The 2D remake is a bit more streamlined, with a gorgeous puzzle-platforming experience that focuses on sets of jellybeans that unlock as you progress through the game so that you can focus on the specific puzzles of each stage without having to guess which of the many jellybeans needs to be used on what screen at what spot at which specific moment.

Since I own A Boy and His Blob on Nintendo Wii – and had a great time playing the game back when it was released – I figured now was the perfect time to take this gorgeous 2D hand-drawn puzzle-platforming adventure for a new spin. After a colorful animated intro video shows you most of the transformations thanks to the power of jellybeans – as well as the dark gloopy enemies you’ll be going up against – you’ll be ready to start your adventure. You’ll wake up in the middle of the night after hearing a huge crashing sound nearby.

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The controls are easy to use. You’ll move the kid with the left analog stick, making small jumps with the B button. You can call your new friend to your side by pressing the X or the ZL button, giving it a big hug by pressing up on the D-Pad when near it. Since the kid can die from a single hit – be that from touching an enemy or the always deadly sharp spikes you’ll find here and there, you’ll need to make good use of his limited platforming skills and of what the jellybeans you’ll get along the way can do for Blobert.

The first jellybean will allow it to transform into a ladder. After the cutscene that shows you how jellybeans can help him change shape, you can then take on the first proper level where you can use the L button to select the jellybean to use and then press and hold down the R button to place it in your hand so that you can aim with the left analog stick and then throw the jellybean by releasing it. Once you reach the golden jellybean at the end of the stage, Blobert will eat it and transform into a door so that you can clear the level and go back to the hideout.

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Each level will have some treasure chests for you to find. Have Blobert eat all of them, and a new extra level will unlock once you return to the hideout and he spits them out. Complete this extra level, and you’ll be rewarded with a look at some of the concept art that was used to create this colorful and fun 2D puzzle platforming experience. Since this is a hand-drawn experience, the concept art and the notes included for some of the pieces will give you some insight into the design and development process.

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A Boy and His Blob was a fun 2D puzzle platformer back when it was released on the Nintendo Wii in 2009, and it’s still just as fun in 2021 on the Nintendo Switch. It took the foundation and the spirit of the original A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia on the NES and revamped it for a new generation, and now 12 years later, you can revisit it or discover it for the first time on Nintendo’s console. A Boy and His Blob is out on Nintendo Switch with a $14.99 price, and it’s one you should definitely play on the console.

This A Boy and His Blob review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Ziggurat.

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