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Love Colors from QubicGames and naptime games is a very chill color by numbers experience on Nintendo Switch. Check our Love Colors review!

Love Colors from QubicGames and naptime games is a very chill color by numbers experience on Nintendo Switch. The premise is simple. Remember the paint by numbers books you used to enjoy as a kid? Well, Love Colors is that, but in digital form. The base game – which is available on Nintendo’s console for a low $3.99 price – will have over 150 pixel art images for you to color, split into 10 different themes. It’s a very chill experience with a just as chill soundtrack.

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You can play this one either with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con or by using the console’s touchscreen when playing in Portable or Tabletop Mode. You move a cursor around the screen with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, selecting one of the available colors at the bottom of the screen by pressing the L and R buttons. Once you pick a color, all blocks corresponding to that number will be highlighted, making it easier to hover over them and press the A button to paint them.

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As you paint each set of numbered blocks, you will notice the paint will start to run out. Once you’ve filled up all squares for that number, the color at the bottom of the screen will disappear so that you can focus on a new color. You can zoom in and out of the image by using the Y and B buttons. Pressing the X button will allow you to switch between the paintbrush and two extra tools, each one with a limited number of uses. One is a paint sphere that will allow you to instantly color an area of blocks, while the other one will make it possible to fill up all blocks of the same number that are connected. When you reach specific completion milestones for an image, you will get some extra uses for these tools.

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Love Colors is a very chill and fun experience that I enjoyed on Nintendo Switch, as I colored in pixel images of all sizes accompanied by a relaxing soundtrack. You can play this one on your own or have up to four players coloring each image in one go. If you like Love Colors and finish coloring every single image, you can get the Happy Pixels DLC for $2.49 to add over 130 new images to color, or also add the Pixel Adventure DLC for $2.49 to add more than 120 images themed around places from around the world.

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This Love Colors review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by QubicGames.

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