[Nintendo Switch] Kiai Resonance Review

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Kiai Resonance from Absorb Reality is a feudal time samurai fighting game in which one hit can kill. Check our Kiai Resonance review!

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Kiai Resonance from Absorb Reality is a feudal times samurai fighting game in which one hit can kill. You must always pay attention to your position and the position of your opponent so that you can find the perfect window of opportunity to deal a deadly strike without leaving yourself open. Kiai Resonance has a presentation that pays homage to the aesthetic of ancient Japanese prints, making every fight feel like an epic experience. You take on one on one battles either locally or online.

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Before you start to play the game, you should definitely check out the Tutorial segment so that you can learn all of the basics. For example, you’ll learn during the Tutorial that double-pressing the left analog stick or the D-Pad twice in the same direction can make your character run forward or quickly jump back. Since this is a fighting game, your instinct will be to button mash as you try to slice your opponent and make him bleed. But for Kiai Resonance, you need to block your enemy’s attacks by not attacking while holding the same position that he’s attacking from.

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The game can be played either with the physical inputs of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, or you can use motion controls to really get into things. You will use the left analog stick or the D-Pad to move around the area as you use the Y, X, and A buttons – or the right analog stick – to change your position, right before you can use the B button to land a hit. For motion controls, each player will be using a single Joy-Con, and can hold it behind their back, over their head, or in front to control their position and how they hold their sword, right before you move the Joy-con to slice through your enemy.

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Kiai Resonance is a fun one on one fighting game with a gorgeous aesthetic in which you’ll have to outsmart your opponent by trying to be one step ahead to counter their attack or move out of the way at the last second so that you can then unleash your fury. There are also challenges you can work on completing, split into Speed, Strength, and Mind categories. These include, for example, winning three matches in a row using only the up position or avoiding and blocking arrows by dodging or attacking. Kiai Resonance is out on Nintendo Switch with a $4.99 price.

This Kiai Resonance review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Absorb Reality.

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