[Unboxing] Candleman

by EdEN, Owner

It’s Friday, and that means a new unboxing post! It’s time to check out the charming 3D platformer Candleman on Nintendo Switch from Red Art Games.

As the name suggests, for Candleman from Red Art Games, you’ll be playing as a sentient candle that can walk and jump all over the place, using its power to light up other candles in each level, as well as to be able to see in the darkness, so that you can use the platforms around you to reach the exit. It’s a charming and fun experience that should take you around 6-7 hours to complete, depending on how many of the bonus candles you find in each level so that you can 100% the game. You can check out our review for the game by clicking right here.

Candleman is a PEGI 7 rated 3D platformer, which makes it a good option for younger gamers, thanks to its easy gameplay mechanics. As long as they understand that each candle – which acts as their lives – can only burn for a total of ten seconds, they will quickly realize they can tap the burn button to burn the candle for an instant to light up the way, all while leaving behind a small drop of wax, which will show them where they can stand on solid ground.

For this physical release, Red Art Games has gone all out, giving us a slipcover that shows the cover art with a bit more color due to the paper stock used for it.

And then, on the inside, we’ll find a bonus variant cover that presents a larger image for the cover art, the Candleman cart, as well as a small booklet.

What’s inside of the booklet? It’s an art book that showcases some of the sketches that were used for the creation of Candleman. It’s a great companion for this physical release since Candleman has a charming art style that makes each new area you visit feel different.

I enjoyed playing Candleman on PlayStation 4, and I was definitely up for taking it for a new spin on the Nintendo Switch. My kids also played the game, and they each played on their profile over a handful of levels in one since they were having a lot of fun. You can get a physical copy of Candleman on Nintendo Switch from Red Art Games for €29.99.

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