[PS4 Double Review] Nexoria: Dungeon Rogue Heroes Review

by Ceidz, Owner

Nexoria: Dungeon Rogue Heroes by Ternox Games is a hardcore roguelike RPG. Learn more in our Nexoria: Dungeon Rogue Heroes review!

This is a double review for Nexoria: Dungeon Rogue Heroes. Ceidz and EdEN played the game, and this review presents what they both had to say.

NEXORIA — is a hardcore roguelike about dungeons with hybrid battles, combining a classical turn-based combat system and a collectible card game. Collect the best spells and conquer the dungeons!

Nexoria: Dungeon Rogue Heroes by Ternox Games is a hardcore roguelike RPG. As you begin your adventure, you’ll be able to select a group of four characters from the list of wacky ones available. After three sentences of cutscenes explaining that a dungeon has appeared out of nowhere, and the team of heroes must battle the evil Nexoria. You’ll then be in a dark unexplored dungeon in which you only see the main characters surrounded by Fog of War. Advance a few steps, and you’ll already be drawn into battle! There isn’t much of a tutorial, so you’ll have to learn as you go.

On the battle screen, you’ll see your team on the left and the enemy team on the right side. Each character has a stamina bar similar to the one from 16 bit RPGs, and, for some reason, the enemies seem to be faster than your group. Since this is a text-based RPG, you’re going to be seeing a lot of text flowing on the screen – text that you probably won’t be able to read fast enough.

Nexoria: Dungeon Rogue Heroes PlayStation 4 Review - 1

After playing over several runs – since this is a roguelike, you’ll die a lot – I couldn’t help but think that the game felt unbalanced. The battles are too long, and losing a single team member will definitively make the following ones harder. Any battle – even the first ones in a new run – can destroy your team if you’re not careful. When a character is down, you’ll see a tombstone. When its HP drops to zero, this character will be permanently dead.

Another aspect that didn’t feel polished enough was that the heroes and enemies alike have low numbers for their health (below 100), but it felt weird that they were getting decimal damage like 1.80 instead of 1 or 2. Moreover, the damage faded so quickly that I often didn’t have the time to read the damage and resorted to watching the HP bar below the heroes to keep them healthy. The interface didn’t feel polished either since it feels like a direct port of the PC version, so you’ll have to move a pointer to the desired option. When playing a console release, I am expecting the UI to be changed to take advantage of the different controls.

Nexoria: Dungeon Rogue Heroes PS4 Review - 4

Nexoria: Dungeon Rogue Heroes didn’t click with me. I would have preferred to have a tutorial at the beginning of the run. Even after playing over several runs, I didn’t want to push through as I thought that the game lacked a gameplay loop that could feel rewarding.

Nexoria: Dungeon Rogue Heroes is a dungeon crawler with a minimalist pixel presentation in which you can play in short bursts or dive right in and play for a handful of hours at a time as you try to dive deeper and deeper into the dungeon. You can play Nexoria: Dungeon Rogue Heroes by going into its shorter campaign with a few levels to play in a quick play type of scenario. After playing for a bit, you could dive into an endless type of dungeon where you try to survive floor after floor of increasingly more challenging enemies and bosses.

Nexoria: Dungeon Rogue Heroes PlayStation 4 Review -2

There will be ten different characters for you to play as right from the start, with four more that you will have to unlock by first defeating them (the Witch) or by completing the dungeon three different times (Interrogator, Ice Mage, and Paladin). Each available character will have different strength, dexterity, and endurance stats for you to consider, as well as a unique special attack and an ability. For example, the Warrior has a +3 bonus to its strength, while the Healer will periodically heal the hero to its right. Finding the right group of characters to take into the dungeon will be crucial for your survival.

When you go into a battle, each of your characters and your opponents will get their turn based on their speed in an active time battle style setting. Each party member will have abilities that can be used at no cost and others that will require that you spend some mana points, which are spent from the party’s mana pool, which will increase as the battle carries on. Abilities, attacks, and items are represented by cards at the bottom of the screen, and you can add new abilities to that deck depending on what scrolls you add from your inventory to your active inventory. Thanks to this, you can customize your loadout and add abilities from other classes so that your party members can use them – but do be aware of the mana costs for each of these so that you can make the most of them-

Nexoria: Dungeon Rogue Heroes has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy that is split into three Bronze trophies, nine Silver trophies, and eight Gold trophies. To add that Platinum to your collection, you’ll have to complete all five levels for the short campaign, eat 33 meals, defeat a mimic, defeat a witch, beat a dragon, defeat a couple of specific bosses that you’ll find deep in the endless dungeon mode, collect 500 coins, defeat 100 enemies, level up one of your characters up to level 10, unlock and play as the interrogator, freeze an enemy, and use the Ice Mage’s power to change that character’s appearance.

Nexoria: Dungeon Rogue Heroes PS4 Review - 3

Nexoria: Dungeon Rogue Heroes is a game in which the exploration and combat don’t feel as rewarding as they should, and it could feel a bit redundant. Since this is a roguelike, the challenge will scale at a steady pace, and when you die, you’re going to have to start over from scratch. The art style is not going to be for everyone, but trophy hunters do get a chance to get both versions of the game under the Premium Edition listed on the PSN store, and each one will feature its own trophy list. You can get the PS4 or PS5 version on its own for $4.99 or get both versions for $6.99.

This Nexoria: Dungeon Rogue Heroes review is based on PlayStation copies provided by Ternox Games.

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