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by ThaRaven403

LoveChoice by Akaba Studio and Ratalaika Games is a bite-sized visual novel with stories focusing on different aspects of love. Check our LoveChoice review!

LoveChoice by Akaba Studio and Ratalaika Games is a bite-sized visual novel with stories focusing on different aspects of love. When you start the game, you get to pick one of the three different short stories the game offers. The first one is “Love – Game.” a story about a young man who notices a girl while at a game jam event. After approaching her, you’ll witness how their relationship evolves, knowing that they came to get along based on their common passions and interests.

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The second story is “Love – Distance.” In this story, you play as Stan, whose father was the only electrical repair shop owner in town. As a kid, other kids used to come to sit in front of your house to watch TV. One day, a new kid came to watch, and eventually, a relationship was born between you and her, until one day when distance came between you, and you had to deal with this.

The last story is “Love – Detective.” This one starts as you are casually playing a game on your mobile phone… that is, until your husband’s phone rings and you witness a missed call from Mary to your husband. You don’t know anyone named Mary. From there, doubts will invade your mind, and you’ll start exploring your apartment to find hints as to what is really going on with your husband.

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Being a visual novel collection, the game is mostly about going through the dialogues in each of the three stories. There are some moments where you have some options for your potential replies, and pretty much every one of those choices will impact how the story plays out and what kind of ending you will get. Each story also has some unique elements that you won’t find in the other stories. For example, in the first one, you eventually have to find a five-star restaurant card that’s hidden under cups that are moved in front of you so that you can try to have the best date possible.

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Visually, the game has some nice scenes with a general pastel set of colors that perfectly fit the mood of the game, with some minimalist music that continues on the smooth experience of the game. Each of the stories stands on its own, but you do feel that all three of them are interconnected in some way.

In terms of the stories, I enjoyed the fact that there were three different themes, with each one of them exploring different aspects of relationships. I would’ve appreciated it if each story were a bit longer since you can complete all of them in an hour and change. This is good news for trophy hunters since the trophy list for LoveChoice is an easy one to complete, and you can have a Platinum trophy in an hour – two Platinum trophies if you own a PS5, since this is a cross-buy release.

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LoveChoice has a nice concept and good stories to enjoy, but it’s a bite-sized type of experience available at an affordable price of only $4.99, especially since you will get the PS4 and the PS5 versions with a single purchase.

This LoveChoice review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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