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For In My Shadow from OverGamez and Playbae you must use shadows to solve the puzzles inside of someone’s memories. Learn more in our In My Shadow review!

For In My Shadow from OverGamez and Playbae you must use shadows to solve the puzzles inside of someone’s memories. Your journey will begin as the main character receives a text from her dad, who has called her before, but she ends up not picking up the phone to answer. You can tell that something had gone wrong because she then looks at a colorful picture on her desk from back when she was younger… before you see a young girl exit the house and leave during a dark and rainy night.

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You learn that she didn’t have many friends when she was growing up, but then she got a little dog named Frisker, who helped to keep her company. Sure, she had a little brother, but a pet was exactly what she needed in this new house. It’s after this short cutscene that you’ll get to control the character’s shadow over the wall during the first stage of In My Shadow, which will also serve as the game’s tutorial. The gameplay loop is simple: you must get through each stage in one go as you collect memory snippets in order to be able to progress to the next area.

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During the starting tutorial set of stages, you’ll learn you can move and drag stuff with the left analog stick, and you can press the ZL and ZR buttons to do a slower drag. You can rotate objects with the right analog stick, which is important since you’ll be using the shadows they cast to be able to solve the puzzles you’ll find. You can switch between objects with the L and R buttons and can switch between the platforming segments and drag and place objects by pressing the Y button.

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The game will at first have you move around chests of drawers and boxes so that you can reach Frisker on the other side of the room. It will then add spikes on the ground, which will make you fail the puzzle if you touch them. Then you’ll have to worry about moving spikes. Once spinning buzzsaws are added, you’ll have to be extra careful! Sometimes you’ll be able to move an object in all directions, but sometimes you will only be able to drag an object in a specific way. And then we have objects that can be rotated, which you’ll have to since the shadows they cast are very specific!

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In My Shadow is a charming puzzle game in which you’ll use the shadows cast by objects to continue through each of the memories you’ll experience. The difficulty ramps up at a steady pace, and if you find a puzzle that is giving you a bit of trouble, the game gives you the chance to skip it. In My Shadow will introduce new elements as you progress through its puzzles, so you’ll always have something new to try out along with all the other elements from previous stages. In My Shadow is a fun puzzle game you should check out on Nintendo Switch, given its $12.00 price.

This In My Shadow review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by OverGamez.

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