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CRASH: Autodrive from Studio Nightcap is a fun murder mystery adventure on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our CRASH: Autodrive review!

CRASH: Autodrive from Studio Nightcap is a fun murder mystery adventure on Nintendo Switch. In the near future of CRASH: Autodrive, people don’t drive anymore… at all! Because of this, self-driving Autocabs help people get from point A to point B. For this one, four strangers share an Autocab when the impossible happens: the car hits a cyclist. When they all get out of the Autocab, they realize that each of them knew the victim. On top of this, they all had a motive for the murder, and that includes the car’s A.I.!

You’ll be playing as Emily Knight, a down-and-out college student who is in big need of breaking out of her small-town shell. Another character in the game you need to be aware of is Thomas Sinclair, a charismatic tech maven who is actually the inventor of the Autocab AI. As for the passengers in the Autocab? They are Kyle “Kondor808” Kondor, a very successful game streamer who was once bullied by Thomas; Anna Lammar, an A.I. psychologist and co-worker with Sinclair who seems to have had enough; and Carter Jones, engineer, inventor, family man, and a former partner of Thomas Sinclair. And then we have A.D.A., the Autocab’s A.I. who is owned by the Vanguard Global Industries megacorporation.

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Why is Thomas Sinclair an important character to know about if he was not riding inside of the Autocab and, therefore, is not one of the potential suspects for the murder mystery at hand? Well, it’s because Thomas Sinclair is the person who has just been murdered! Thomas was bad to the A.I., so A.D.A. could have planned this. But he also screwed over Carter, so that makes him a suspect. He also bullied Kyle back in the day when they were in high school, so maybe he holds a grudge? Anna wanted to continue growing at the company but was not allowed to aim higher. As for Emily? Well, she used to intern for Vanguard Global Industries, and Thomas was a big jerk that treated her wrong, so maybe you did this? Who knows!

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You can play this one either using the Nintendo Switch Joy-con, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, or by using the console’s touchscreen when playing in Portable or Tabletop Mode, or when playing on a Nintendo Switch Lite. For the touchscreen controls, you’ll just tap on characters to talk to them as you select the conversation options and then tap on the screen to move from dialogue to dialogue. You will also interact with objects. If you’re using the physical controls, you’ll move a cursor around the screen with the left analog stick and select characters, objects, or conversation points by pressing the A button.

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CRASH: Autodrive is a short adventure game that you can probably complete in around four hours or so, which is not bad news! Every now and then, a short game is exactly what you need between the gargantuan 50-100 hour experiences. As you can tell from the game’s screen and the trailer in this CRASH: Autodrive review, it has a bit of a Saturday morning cartoon feeling to it. Developer David Shaver mentioned in our interview on CRASH: Autodrive that the game is kind of like a cartoony Black Mirror episode, which does make sense. CRASH: Autodrive is out on Nintendo Switch with a $9.99 price.

This CRASH: Autodrive review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Studio Nightcap.

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