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A Juggler’s Tale from Mixtvision and kaleidoscube is a charming puzzle platformer on PlayStation 4. Learn more in our A Juggler’s Tale review!

A Juggler’s Tale from Mixtvision and kaleidoscube is a charming puzzle platformer on PlayStation 4. You’ll play as Abby, a marionette who sets out on an adventure through a medieval fairy tale world. Abby will start her journey in a village that has been drawn on the stage on which puppet master Jack’s play takes place, but she will soon transition to a more detailed village – that goes for a minimalist art style that helps to make everything pop – as the narrator tells us more about her journey. You’ll soon learn that poor Abby does not have a happy life as part of the circus. When she’s not performing for the crowds, she’s forced to live inside of a cage! Can you help her escape so that she can have a life?

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The controls are simple. You’ll move your character with the left analog stick or the D-Pad and can jump with the X button. You can interact with the R2 button, which will be used to interact with objects. This includes pushing and pulling objects, such as boxes, or grabbing objects you can throw. Once you have something in your hands, you can aim with the right analog stick and throw it by pressing the R2 button. These are all the abilities you’ll need to help Abby along the way as you take her through the dangers of the mythical land before her. The strings that hold her up will sometimes get in the way, but they will also be useful for solving some of the puzzles she’ll find.

Since this is a short but fun experience, and as to not spoil things too much, I’ll mention the first three puzzles you’ll have to solve during your journey with A Juggler’s Tale. The first one is simple since Abby won’t be able to open a door in town. Luckily she can push a nearby crate to jump higher and go over the gate. Next up, she’ll have to recover the ringmaster’s hat while a big bear roams the area. You’ll need to climb and swing from some ropes to get to a basket with apples so that you can throw them at the bear to lure him away from the hat.

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As for the third puzzle? This one you’ll find right after you realize Abby lives inside of a cage after each show is over. For this one, you will need to grab the apple that the friendly rats bring you to throw it. Throw it at what? Well, while you could throw it to the right of the cage to get the ringmaster’s attention, this won’t be the solution you need. Instead, you’ll have to throw the apple at the shovels at the back of the room so that you can then sneakily grab the key from the ringmaster’s pocket when he leans over to pick up the shovel.

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A Juggle’s Tale does not have a Platinum trophy. The list includes trophies for completing each of the game’s chapters, for completing some puzzles, for some of the choices you’ll make along the way, for completing the game’s second act without falling into the water, for playing fetch with a dog until he’s happy, for being a troublemaker and getting on a villager’s nerves, for getting the attention of the bandits three times in a row without being, or for doing something specific during the game’s fourth act. The good news is that once you’ve completed the game, you can use chapter select for cleaning up any missing trophies.

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A Juggler’s Tale is a charming puzzle platformer that will have you helping Abby escape to learn more about the world beyond the cage in which she’s trapped. She’ll go on a short but fun adventure that you’ll be able to complete in around 3 hours or so, with a little extra time needed to get the trophies you might be missing. The game offers some accessibility options, such as subtitles, font size for the subtitles, being able to select the color of interaction points, and having the option to change what button does what. A Juggler’s Tale is out today on PlayStation 4 with a $17.99 asking price.

This A Juggler’s Tale review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Mixtvision.

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