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Weapon of Choice DX from Mommy’s Best Games is a fun run n’ gun shooter with some interesting twists. Find out more in our Weapon of Choice DX review!

Weapon of Choice DX from Mommy’s Best Games is a fun run n’ gun shooter with some interesting twists. It’s the year 2188, and Earth has been besieged by a gene-bending menace set on destroying humanity as we know it. Because of this, the U.N.P. has deployed its Solus Operatives under the command of General Grier. You must take immediate action and destroy the enemy before it’s too late!

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You start Weapon of Choice DX with three lives, and each one is represented by a different character. Said characters will each have a weapon of choice – hence the game’s name – as well as a special ability (for example. one of the characters will create a double of itself after a double jump to boost your attack power), and you must make the most of it in order to stay alive. Speaking of which, if you’re about to die, time will slow down around you, giving you one last chance to escape from the cold claws of death itself! This is called Death-Brushing, and it’s certainly a very handy skill. You can find more characters as you progress through the game’s story, and if you rescue them, they will join your cause, thus granting you extra lives!

For this run n’ gun game, the controls are simple and to the point so that you can focus your attention on the action on the screen in order to survive. You can move each of your characters with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, jumping and double jumping with the ZL button. The longer you hold down the button, the higher your jump. You will aim and fire your weapon with the right analog stick and can swap weapons with the R button. Each operative’s weapon of choice reacts differently when you hold down the ZR button to manipulate them, so be sure to experiment with them!

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The game can be played in one of six difficulty settings, with each bump in difficulty considerably increasing the challenge. These difficulty settings are Easy, Normal, Hard, Wicked, Mega Death, and Mega Wicked. Easy is good for those of you that are new to the genre. Normal offers the standard experience. Hard adds more aliens for you to defeat in each stage. Wicked adds more bullets coming your way. Mega Death removes the Death-Brushing skill. And then there’s Mega Wicked, which is reserved for the masochists out there.

If you want to 100% Weapon of Choice DX, you will need to not only complete your mission but also take a look at the list of objectives for the in-game Achievements system. These include rescuing every single Solus Operative, beating all story branches, beating the Mountain Village stage in less than 1 minute and 10 seconds, collecting all hidden MBG pies in each area, beating a story branch by only defeating the bosses, or shooting down 5 birds, to name some examples. It’s not an easy list, so you better be ready!

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Since this is called Weapon of Choice DX, that means there’s some new stuff to consider when compared with the original version, right? Well, it’s thanks to the DX that we get the hidden MBG pies, the six difficulty settings, the in-game Achievements system, and rebalanced gameplay. On top of this, the hand-painted art has been remastered in 4K to show on Nintendo Switch as best as possible at the console’s max resolution, and the framerate has been improved as well.

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Weapon of Choice DX is the definitive version of this run n’ gun release, remastered to improve it on every front. It features four different endings thanks to its branching paths, seven characters to control, fun gameplay mechanics such as Death-Brushing, and remastered graphics. Weapon of Choice DX is out on Nintendo Switch with a low price of only $5.99, which makes it an easy one to recommend.

This Weapon of Choice DX review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Mommy’s Best Games.

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