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Tetragon from Cafundo Estudio Criativo and BUKA Entertainment is a 2D puzzle game set in a square-shaped world. Learn more in our Tetragon review!

Tetragon from Cafundo Estudio Criativo and BUKA Entertainment is a 2D puzzle game set in a square-shaped world. Your goal is simple: you must use your energy to spin the world’s gravity thanks to the TetraGen as you guide lumberjack Lucious through this parallel universe as he searches for his lost son. A mysterious dark energy has invaded this land, spawning creatures that set out to destroy the TetraGen and send the land of Tetragon into turmoil. It succeeded in breaking the TetraGen, and now it’s up to you to fix this broken world. There are more than 40 levels to complete in an adventure that will test your skills every step of the way.

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Your goal is simple: reach the rotating and glowing cube that will allow you to exit the stage and dive deeper into the game. On his quest to find Jerry, you’ll control Lucious with the left analog stick or the D-Pad as you try to help him get closer to the exit portal. There is no jump button, but your character can climb up to two blocks in height – which can be boosted to a jump of three blocks in height once you find a magical pendant. You will find contraptions you can interact with by pressing the ZL and ZR buttons to rotate the screen in order to bring you one step closer to finding the solution. You’ll soon find a magical item that will make it possible to control the grey towers in each area by selecting each one with the L and R buttons and then using the right analog stick to change their size.

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Along with interacting with the energy shadows of your lost son, you’ll also have a chance to collect 13 TetraGen shards that are scattered on the over 40 stages you’ll explore. You won’t be able to grab all of them as you find them, so you’ll have to replay some stages to find the right solution after you gain access to the right ability. I can think of one in particular in the first world for which you’ll need to come back once you have obtained the pendant that boosts how many blocks you can climb in a single jump.

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Tetragon is a fun single-screen rotating puzzle game that you can play at your own pace. The game has a good difficulty curve, adding new elements at a steady pace, as to not overwhelm players. There are over 40 stages to complete, and with no timer, you can slowly complete each puzzle as each step just clicks after some trial and error. As long as you keep in mind that fall damage is very much a thing – this is, after all, a puzzle game in which you spin around each room to find the right path to the exit – you’ll be good. Tetragon is out on Nintendo Switch with a $14.99 price.

This Tetragon review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by BUKA Entertainment.

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