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ConnecTank from YummyYummyTummy and Natsume is a fast-paced puzzle action game on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our ConnecTank review!

ConnecTank from YummyYummyTummy and Natsume is a fast-paced puzzle action game worth checking out. The game can be played in local co-op with up to four players. You’ll work for one Finneas Fat Cat XV, one of the top tycoons in New Pangea! He’s the owner of Fat Cat Shipping Incorporated, and you’ll be taking on many deliveries for him. The twist? You’ll be using a tank! You will have to battle against other tanks in order to be able to make each delivery, and will have to connect the conveyor belts from the factory to your cannon so that you can load up the ammo needed to deal massive damage to opponents.

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You’ll move your character around the screen with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, pressing the B button to grab a belt, and rotating it with the A button. This is very important, since each conveyor belt will have arrows pointing in the direction it will be moving any goods placed on it. You must collect scrap of different colors and bring it to the Recycletron to create the ammo that will allow you to attack – that is, as long as you follow the blueprints. You can also grab and throw conveyor belts snd scrap by pressing the X button in order to speed things up. Press the Y button, and you’ll punch the cannon switch, which will allow you to change the lane on which your cannon fires.

The game will give you a moment to get the hang of things by first sending your mechanic into a short tutorial segment, so that you can learn the basics while improving your skills. You will, for example, learn that red ammo beats yellow ammo, yellow ammo beats blue ammo, and blue ammo beats red ammo. Based on your performance, you’ll be rewarded with new ammo types, tank MODs, as well as parts for building new tanks! Every single one of your victorious will also boost the market share of your employer, which will certainly make him very happy. As for his competitors? They are Lord Lewis Longneck of Lewingford and Emperor Pontius Penguin from Tundra.

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Missions can have a top hat icon or a coin icon. Top hat icons indicate missions that are a priority for the company. Completing them will improve your standing at Fat Cat Shipping Incorporated, which will lead towards the company trusting you with bigger projects. Missions with a coin icon won’t boost your rank, but they will pay a good amount for your efforts, making them a good option for improving your coin total so that you can purchase MODs.

MODs are special items that can change how your tank behaves, adding an advantage over your opponent – while sometimes compensating for any weaknesses that your tank might have. One MOD could, for instance, automatically restore 10 HP to your tank after a battle, while another one could increase the number of coins you get after completing a mission. You can spend coins on a tune-up to boost your HP, or perhaps you’re feeling adventurous and want to buy a mystery upgrade! Ammo can be upgraded with your coins, improving its stats and adding something extra to help you win.

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Coins can also be used to fund the development of new ammo or of new MODs , so that they start to show up in subsequent missions. You will also be rewarded for your patronage by receiving a prototype of the ammo or MOD you fund, so that you can use them in your next mission to take them for a spin. Because of this, you’ll have to balance when to fund new ammo and new MODs, so that you can take advantage of the prototypes while also adding them to each future mission.

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ConnecTank is a fun and fast-paced puzzle game for one to four players that will keep you busy for a while as you try to become the best at Fat Cat Shipping Incorporated, as you unlock new ammo, new MODs, and new tanks to help you along the way. ConnecTank is out tomorrow on Nintendo Switch with a $29.99 price.

This ConnecTank review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Natsume.

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