[FREE Game] Super Animal Royale – Super Edition DLC GIVEAWAY (PlayStation 4/5 + Nintendo Switch – NA)

by Ceidz, Owner

EdEN reviewed Super Animal Royale – Super Edition DLC on the PlayStation 4/5 and the Nintendo Switch, a battle royale Free-to-Play type of game, from Modus Games.

We gave it a 8 out of 10, and quoted it a “fun top-down battle royale game with a zoological twist“!

Here’s an excerpt of our review:

The game is a F2P release. This giveaway is for the Super Edition DLC, which gives a bunch of in-game currency and stuff:
• 1000 S.A.W. Tickets (premium currency used to purchase Super Animal Passes as well as premium cosmetic items from the S.A.W. Shop)
• 2x Carl Coin drop rate (earned currency that is redeemable for cosmetic items)
• 115 and growing set of Super Milestone cosmetic items to earn in-game by completing milestones.

4 Super Animal Breeds:
• Super Hellfire Fox
• Super Splash Bear
• Super Leaf Skullcat
• Super Thunder Tiger

10 Cosmetic Items:
• SARturday Night Fever Emote
• Maid Outfit
• School Uniform (Boy)
• School Uniform (Girl)
• Black Triangle Shades
• 3D Glasses
• Swordfish Melee Weapon
• Lollipop Melee Weapon
• Pink Cowboy Hat
• Lightbulb (Hat)

Now’s YOUR time to win a FREE PlayStation 4/5 or Nintendo Switch – NA copy of Instant Sports Tennis!

The giveaway ends on October 2, 2021 at midnight (PST).

Want to win more games? Then check out our active giveaways page.

Good luck!

FREE Digital Copy of Super Animal Royale – Super Edition DLC (PlayStation 4/5 + Nintendo Switch – NA) | PS4blog.net

Super Animal Royale Review - 2

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