[Accessory Review] EWin Calling Series Chair Review

by Ceidz, Owner

Like many people, I’ve been working remotely from home since the beginning of the pandemic. I was pleased to get the chance to review an ergonomic gaming and office chair from EWin Racing to get through the long hours of each day. Learn more about the Calling Series chairs from EWin in our review!


Assembling the chair itself will take you between 45 minutes to one hour. The first step is to unwrap every piece, and you’ll then find the included instructions in the manual. A pair of work gloves is included in the package, which I thought was great. The assembly instructions are detailed, but they are not in the natural reading order from left to right and are sometimes presented from right to left. I thought this was slightly confusing, but at least the general assembly steps were intuitive.

Assembling the chair alone is not bad, and it was way easier to assemble than, say, your typical Ikea piece of furniture. There are two steps that proved to be trickier than the others: the first one is when you are screwing together the top to the seat parts because all four screws need to be aligned to do so. The last step where you put the chair on the hydraulic system was also tricky, but once it is seated, it just clicks and will stay connected. Do be very careful to avoid scratching the leather finish when assembling the chair, and be even more careful during the last step when putting the top part on the hydraulic system!

EWin Calling Series Chair Review


The chair itself is quite sturdy with a nice leather finish and one of the different colors you can select. I chose mostly black with a blue finish, which is my favorite color, and I thought that the combination looked amazing.

The seat is made with high-density foam that “is engineered to be 2 times heavier than regular foam per cubic foot. The elasticity of the foam helps prolong the comfort life of the chair and adds to the overall durability of the product.” I felt that the chair itself was comfortable through full workdays, but do keep in mind the seating might feel a bit stiff since you’re not used to it.

EWin Calling Series Chair Review

Before selecting your chair, be mindful of your own height and weight since every chair is tailored for a specific body type. In my case, I’m 5’11”, and I felt slightly a bit too tall for the chair as this Calling series is perfectly adapted for people with heights of 5’3 to 5’7″. Fear not, as there are many chair types. For instance, the Champion Series – the model above the Calling Series, is a heavy duty gaming chair for up to 400 lbs, and fits people from 5’3″ up to 6’5″ tall.

Each Ewin chair is bundled with a Standard Foam Head Pillow and a Lumbar Cushion. These can easily be removed by unstrapping them as needed. I personally love the headrest, and it is a great upgrade from my previous office chair. The five wheels are also way smoother than I expected, engineered to be quieter and resistant to debris while preventing damage to the floor underneath.

Features and configurations

I’m picky when it’s time to find my perfect seating position, and I spend my whole day rocking on any chair that I sit on, so this feature is a must for me. Luckily this office gaming chair is built with many options, including free rocking, and the tilt can even be locked to the position that best suits you. The chair itself can be lowered or raised as needed, and the height of the armrests can also be changed. With the sturdy hand lever, you can select and lock the inclination of the back vs. the chair base to your liking. It can even be tilted up to 155 degrees, which is almost like lying down!

EWin Calling Series Chair Review

EWin Calling Series Chair Review


I wanted to test how easy it was to clean the leather finish of the chair, so I put a few drops of water on it, then waited around a minute before wiping it off. The water didn’t get through the finish, and once it was cleaned up, it quickly dried up and disappeared.

I can imagine how easy it would be to wipe off coffee stains with water. Being made with leather, I would advise against using strong chemicals. If water isn’t enough to clean up the finish, use a mix of vinegar with water in 50-50 proportions to clean up, and test on a hidden area before getting started.

EWin Calling Series Chair Review

Final Thoughts

The EWin Calling Series Chair is a solid option for home office of gaming in front of a PC for hours. The headrest was great to relax, and the different adjustments make it possible for you to find the combination that works best for you. Do keep in mind to read each chair’s “recommended for” sections and select the chair that will be the best fit for your height.

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This EWin Calling Series Chair Review review is based on an item provided by E-WIN gaming chairs.

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