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by EdEN, Owner

We’ll be working on a review for Weapon of Choice DX, so I got in touch with Mommy’s Best Games to talk a bit about the game. Come check it out!

PS4Blog: Hi! Good to have you back with us again. How’s everything on your end?

Yes, thanks for having me back. Things are getting exciting. Seeing a project through to release on consoles is amazing!

Weapon Of Choice DX Review - 1

PS4B: Last time around, we got to talk about Explosionade DX, and you’re now ready for the launch of Weapon of Choice DX on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. How would you describe the game to someone who’s never heard about it?

Weapon of Choice DX is a traditional run and gun shooting game, but with some wild twists. You start with three Solus Operatives who are charged with stopping a rampaging alien invasion. Each character has unique abilities and their own “weapon of choice” with special attacks. There are several things in the game that make it fun and new for experienced and younger players. One is the “Death-Brushing” mechanic.

In Weapon of Choice DX, if you are just about to die, time slows down, and you get a moment to move out of the way of the attack. It’s always exhilarating to dodge possible death at the last second! Another change to the genre is all your lives are unique characters. You start with three lives, but if you find another character out in the field and rescue them, you now have four playable lives! All the levels are hand-designed too, so you can learn the levels and improve. There are four unique endings to encourage replay and seven total playable characters.

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PS4B: Was the porting process easier this time around after your experience on PS and Nintendo Switch from your previous releases?

Yes, after remastering our crazy shmup game Shoot 1UP DX and then doing our wild mech game Explosionade DX, by the time we got to our third remaster, we had the process down better. We managed to get the pre-order going for Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch pretty early – for the Americas as well as for Europe.

Weapon Of Choice DX Review - 3

PS4B: With Weapon of Choice DX out of the way now, are you currently working on any new projects?

I have two new projects. One is with Girls Make Games, as I’m helping a team there finish an exciting indie project about exploring the ocean. The other one is my next big Mommy’s Best Games original! It’s all a secret currently, but I am hoping to have something to show off next year.

Weapon Of Choice DX Review - 4

PS4B: And now it’s time for us to go. Would you like to add anything else?

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has supported our games, and thank you to all that have pre-ordered Weapon of Choice DX! If you haven’t already, please give it a look. If you have fond memories of Contra or Mega Man, you may like this one! It’s an innovative run and gun, specially made for older gamers like myself.

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