[PlayStation VR] Synth Riders Review

by the_nmac

Let the music flow through you… literally! It’s time to move in tune with the music. Check out our Synth Riders review on PlayStation VR!

Synth Riders is a freestyle dancing VR rhythm game enjoyed by thousands of fans.

Let the music move you as you catch notes, ride the rails, and dodge obstacles in the unique physical experience optimized for PlayStation®Move controllers!

Key features:
• Free your style with 54 diverse, licensed songs
• Discover add-ons featuring Muse, The Offspring, and Caravan Palace
• Master your skills and climb the leaderboards
• Remix your gameplay with a wide selection of modifiers
• Explore 10+ immersive environments
• Pass the headset for fun in Party mode
• Have a great workout in the process

It’s been a while since I’ve had a must-play rhythm game on PlayStation VR. Beat Saber was my go-to for a long time, but it just hasn’t been calling me. Others have tried, but nothing has scratched that itch in the same way. I saw the trailer for Synth Riders and honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. So many games like this have missed the mark. I went in with tempered expectations. Thankfully Synth Riders surprised me quite a bit. Since this is a PlayStation Vr game, I always want to mention what’s needed for this one. This is a full-out motion game, so you’ll need a set of those PlayStation Move controllers to play it for everything to work right.

Synth Riders Review - 1

Synth Riders is a rhythm game in which you have objects coming towards you, and you need to use your hands to hit them. The objects flying at you are colored blue and magenta, one for each hand. Yellow means your hands need to be put together, and green lets you choose free form. There are some objects you need to move your body to avoid as well. It’s honestly not difficult at all. I will say, though, that one of the big things I noticed immediately was that it was quite a workout!

With Beat Saber, you’re slicing the blocks like your hands are swords. In Synth Riders, you’re reaching for the blocks with your hands, and it feels different, almost like dancing. As I continued playing through the levels, I noticed patterns forming and my body moving unexpectedly. I was dancing to the music, and I was really enjoying it! I actually started my mornings with Synth Rider and will continue to do so for a while in between my running days to give my upper body a workout.

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In rhythm games, one of the significant elements is the music. If it’s not a great mix, it will certainly hurt your overall experience. Synth Riders deliver in spades, featuring 54 songs with the base game. You can buy DLC separately or packs of extra songs, but there is a bundle with everything included – the version I played – which is a solid investment. It makes the already large song roster so much bigger and brings in the likes of The Offspring and Rancid, which certainly makes a big difference. The base game offers a good mix, but the complete package is an excellent mix of songs, and it’s what you should consider buying.


There are some different modes included as well. There’s one where you have to punch the objects, which actually makes it more of a workout, or one where blocks can come from any direction, and you need to physically spin to get them all. You can change the background and block colors to your specific likings. I did a bit of research on the game after playing, and it seems other VR platforms have received a multiplayer mode which you can play competitively. It’s not currently available on PS VR, but it will be released down the line, and it will feature crossplay which is a must as you need as many players together on the smaller VR platforms. Hopefully, the wait for the free patch isn’t too long!

Synth Riders Review - 3

I had a great time with Synth Riders on PlayStation VR. It made me feel like I was jamming out and dancing to the music. The selection of songs is really strong in the base game, but things are even better with the DLC song packs. It gave me a solid workout, especially at higher difficulty settings. This is an easy one to recommend on PS VR.

This Synth Riders review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by KLUGE STRATEGIC, INC..

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