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Green Phoenix from Broken Simulation and Zerouno Games is an on-rails 3D space shooter on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Green Phoenix review!

Green Phoenix from Broken Simulation and Zerouno Games is an on-rails 3D space shooter on Nintendo Switch. You take control of the titular spaceship AI who is out on a journey of revenge as it remembers Dana, its now-deceased pilot. The AI has a voice actor, and it’s thanks to the AI that you’ll learn more about the universe for this release. Your quest will start at Vinitia, a city that was built over ten years by machines, which is why it’s a location without any imperfection whatsoever.

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The controls are very simple since you’ll move your ship with the left or right analog sticks and fire with the L, ZL, R, and ZR buttons. That’s it! There are no barrel rolls in here, no button you can press to have a short burst of speed. You’ll use these to shot at hazards and avoid obstacles as you collect as much XXX as possible. You will be destroying turrets that shoot at you and mining Heligium from anything you can, which will be added to the counter on the top right of the screen.

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This is done because of reasons, as there’s an evil corporation – as one would expect from a game set in a future in which machines are a very important component of the day-to-day. It is SCyMo, a ruthless company with nothing but profit in its mind. You’ll learn that Dana and Green Phoenix were working every single day to mine as much Heligium as possible, with no chance of resting or having a proper life, something that has made Green Phoenix very sad now that it has to remember what has happened before.

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For example, Lodeleos was under war, and flying turrets ended up making sure that no one could fly around, even though its citizens could certainly not afford to own a vehicle when they couldn’t even have enough to buy food. Lodeleos was under the dictatorship of the right hand of SCyMo’s President. When the people found out that their poverty was being caused for the sake of increasing ScyMo’s profits, they took to the streets and revolted, but it was too late by then. The air was so polluted it was making it almost impossible to inhabit, and even when giant fans were installed, the situation did no improve.

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Green Phoenix is a bite-sized 3D on-rails space shooter that is a bit too minimalist for its own good. It places a big focus on the narrative, so you’ll have to pay attention to the AI since reading the subtitles as you try to avoid obstacles or collect Heligium from the structures, enemies, and deposits you destroy will keep you busy. Once you’re done with the handful of stages that Green Phoenix has to offer – which can be completed in less than an hour- you’ll unlock an arcade-style experience where you will take on endless waves of enemies, to see how long you can survive. Green Phoenix is a short, budget-priced 3D on-rails space shooter you can get on Nintendo Switch for only $3.49.

This Green Phoenix review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Zerouno Games.

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