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Greak: Memories of Azur from Team17 and Navegante Entertainment is a great-looking and fun 2D Metroidvania. Learn more in our Greak: Memories of Azur review!

Greak: Memories of Azur from Team17 and Navegante Entertainment is a great-looking and fun 2D Metroidvania. After the animated intro that will introduce the three siblings, as well as their abilities, and a narrated cutscene that will tell you more about the game’s story and how things got to this point, you’ll be ready to start your adventure. While the Courines used to rule over Azur with great ease, the Urlags have gathered and used an unknown force that has allowed them to invade the land and destroy the Courines’ legacy.

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It’s been an ongoing battle that the Courines had won up until this point, and it’s now up to you to help Greak find his brother Raydel and sister Adara so that all three can save the land. The plan? To find all of the pieces needed to build an airship that can help everyone to escape from the Urlags and regroup before it’s too late. To do this, you’ll have to use your skills and your brain to solve the many puzzles that are guarding the different pieces of the airship so that you can bring them to the camp and build the required vessel.

You’ll control each character one at a time by moving with the left analog stick, jumping and double jumping with the B button, interacting with the A button, and attacking with the Y button. You can use a roll to dodge incoming attacks by pressing the X button. For some attacks, you’ll have to aim, which can be done with the R button. To regroup, press the ZR button. The D-Pad will be used to quickly switch between Greak, Adara, and Raydel by pressing left, right, or up, respectively, or you can quickly alternate between them by pressing down. To check your inventory, you can press the L button. And if you want the other characters in your group to mimic your movement and attacks, just press and hold down the ZL button.

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Each character will handle a bit differently and will have access to abilities that are specific to them. Greak is the youngest of the three and the more balanced one, so he’ll be good at fighting, have a double jump, will be able to crawl through tight spaces, and can be used for most scenarios. Adara will be able to use her magic to attack from a safe distance but will not deal as much damage as Greak or Raydel. She’ll also be able to levitate for a bit by using her mana bar instead of double jumping and can dive underwater. Raydel is the fighter of the bunch, so he’ll be your tank character, dealing more damage than the other two, using his sword and shield to overcome even the most overwhelming odds, but moving at a slower pace. He’ll use a hookshot to move around since his heavy gear does not allow him to jump high enough.

As you defeat enemies and destroy crates and barrels, you will collect shiny blue crystals. These blue crystals can be used back at camp at Irene’s store to purchase some items to aid you on your journey. You could purchase a small elixir to restore two health points, a bowl of vegetables that restores three health points, a mane root that will regenerate a single health point, or a scout bag, a very useful item that can permanently increase an additional slot to your inventory so that you can carry more items. As expected, the scout bag will be a bit more expensive but certainly worth it since it’s a must-have item if you want to see the end credits roll!

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You could also visit Valgor, the blacksmith at the camp, who can trade you some of the blue crystals for useful weapons and items. You could, for instance, buy some extra arrows for Greak to use with his bow, a whetstone to temporarily boost the damage dealt by sword attacks, or perhaps purchase an advanced crossbow for 120 blue crystals, which will improve the damage from long-range attacks, which could end up saving your life in the process.

If you press the – button, you can access your journal. It’s here that you’ll be able to review the different relics you’ve managed to find – you start with a drawing of you and your siblings – as well as the different quest you’ve taken on. There are story-related quests, such as finding your sister Adara, who is a powerful oracle, while others will be sidequest that will reward you for your efforts. These can include, for example, finding the missing lens from a telescope so that you can fix it or collecting the ingredients needed to craft a tasty vegetable soup. Your journal will also give you access to a map of Azur once you’ve obtained it at the camp.

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Greak: Memories of Azur is a great-looking Metroidvania on Nintendo’s console with a hand-drawn presentation and animated cutscenes that help bring to life the world of Azur. Having three characters with different abilities to control helps to keep the experience feeling fresh once you get the hang of controlling more than one character at once or quickly switching between them. Being able to use the large quick travel stones you can find in each area greatly speeds things up since you’ll be able to complete a quest or two and then go back to camp to turn them in, collect your reward, restock your supplies, and then carry on with the main story quests. Add an orchestral soundtrack, and you have a Metroidvania you should definitely check out on Nintendo Switch. Greak: Memories of Azur is out on August 17 digitally on Nintendo Switch with a $19.99 asking price digitally, or you can buy a physical copy at retail.

This Greak: Memories of Azur review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Team17.

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