Green Phoenix Out Tomorrow On Nintendo Switch

by EdEN, Owner

Green Phoenix from Broken Simulation and Zerouno Games will be out tomorrow on Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!

Green Phoenix is an on-rails arcade-like space shooter melted with a deep narrative experience which focuses on the concept of ego and the true meaning of freedom.

On a fully technologized and autoritarian society, we take the role of the spaceship Green Phoenix’s IA as it remembers its dead pilot, Dana, and embarks on a journey for revenge.

Green Phoenix Features:

* Deep and inmersive storytelling

* Beautifully sculpted worlds

* Fully voiced

* Arcade mode, how long will you survive?

We’ll be working on a review for Green Phoenix from Broken Simulation and Zerouno Games, so be sure to stick around at

Green Phoenix Review - 1

Green Phoenix Review - 2

Green Phoenix Review - 3

Green Phoenix Review - 4

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