[PS4Blog.net Interview] Carlos Coronado On HORROR TALES: The Wine

by EdEN, Owner

We’ll be working on a review for HORROR TALES: The Wine, so I got in touch with Carlos Coronado to talk about the game. Check it out!

PS4Blog: Hi Carlos! It’s been a while. How are things on your end?

Hi EdEn! Things are working fantastic on my end! Some years ago, I would have never expected to release a game literally everywhere: all consoles, Steam, and the Epic Games Store! Besides that, something really cool happened during the development of HORROR TALES: The Wine. I actually streamed it all on my Twitch channel. This started as a little experiment, and honestly, now I can’t think about developing games without the support of my viewers on my Twitch channel! The channel became so important to support me on my lows. I can honestly say there are some areas of the game that the chat encouraged me to go one step further. Without them, I can say The Wine would be a significantly worse game.

HORROR TALES: The Wine Review - 1

PS4B: Speaking of which, you’re currently getting ready for the July 30 release of HORROR TALES: The Wine on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. How would you describe the game to someone who’s never heard about it?

It’s a very beautiful classical horror game. That’s it. You can expect beautiful Mediterranean vistas and a good base of survival horror. The game doesn’t try to be innovative. It just wants to be a beautiful horror game, and I think that is uncommon. Besides this, players will find lore and a story very, very familiar regarding the current worldwide events. Hopefully, they will find a level and game design they want to be immersed in!

HORROR TALES: The Wine Review -2

PS4B: How long did it take to develop the game? How much did it change during the process between the design phase and the game we’ll soon get to plan on consoles?

The game took around 18 months to develop, but the first four months were not the development of the game per se. In the first months, I developed the framework of the game, and I’ll also use this framework for future first-person games of mine. This framework consists of a physics engine, the base interactions and movement of the player, the main menu, and everything that is not game content. About the game itself… it honestly didn’t change that much during development. There are some tweaks here and there and some nerfing of endgame challenges, but nothing unexpected in game development.

HORROR TALES: The Wine Review - 3

PS4B: You went from Pac-Man-inspired first-person horror game to colorful sea exploration back to first-person horror – in a post-pandemic world! Does that mean that your next game will be a colorful gardening game?

The next game will be another horror Game. Gaudí (the famous Catalan architect) has risen from the dead and is trying to get revenge. It is your purgose to stop him. It will be colorful, and this one will be very, very experimental. I can’t talk more, but the take will be very different from The Wine!

HORROR TALES: The Wine Review - 4

PS4B: Any chance we’re getting any of these Carlos Coronado games in a physical Nintendo Switch or PlayStation version?

I hope to get those too! Every time a publisher contacted me to go physical, I said yes, but because of various reasons, things always went South, so I don’t know… Is it something I want to make? Yes! Is it something I can 100% promise will happen? I am afraid not.

PS4B: And that’s all the time we have for today. Would you like to add anything else?

HORROR TALES: The Wine releases on July 30 on all platforms with a 20% discount. If you want to support me, please buy the game and leave a review or rate the game in the console/store of your preference! Nothing helps more. Big hug to everyone. Hope you crap your pants on July 30!

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