[PS4] Indigo 7 Quest for love Review

by Ajescent

Puzzle game Indigo 7 Quest for love from Dolores Entertainment is out on PS4. Does it have what it takes to stand out? Check our Indigo 7 Quest for love review!

Do you remember Scott Pilgrim? The film or the original comic book on which it’s based. If you don’t, the premise is easy to understand: a cartoonish slacker musician sets out on a quest to find love, but first, he must face a bunch of over-the-top challenges. Whilst Scott had the seven evil exes, Nathan (our protagonist) has to fight some dastardly cascading puzzle tiles if he intends to find his “summer love.”


Whilst the story of Scott Pilgrim was a fun, playful story about young love told via the build-ups to the many fights, Indigo 7 Quest for love’s story is told through a bunch of over-the-top puzzle bouts…


But unlike Scott Pilgrim, the puzzles here are nowhere near…


Indigo 7 Quest for love Review - 1

As interesting as the fights over there. So what went wrong exactly? Well, Dolores entertainment may have an interesting tale to tell about blossoming young love and the trials they may face. It is just that the gameplay is nowhere near interesting enough to keep you hooked enough for the story to develop fully.

Indigo 7’s gameplay is simple. You have a board filled with a number of tiles, all of varying colors. Your aim is to have the board full of just one color. You do this by “infecting” the colors surrounding your territory with your own color, and the more you expand, the more of the same colors you stand to infect during your next move. You only have a limited amount of moves per game, so you need to be strategic if you hope to cover the entire board.


Games against the CPU during the single-player Adventure are usually of the “best of 5 rounds” variety. Winning the most bouts does not mean you are guaranteed to win the overall match. It seems that being able to-


A large number of colors will earn you bonus points, and at the end of each match, it is the points that matter and not the amounts of rounds won, so consistency is the key to victory here and not the pace.

Indigo 7 Quest for love Review - 2

Regardless of what the key to victory is, the game does not feel fun, whether being played in single-player or in local multiplayer. The gameplay does not feel varied enough to keep you hooked for hours at a time, and the chatter from the characters you play as and against will soon drive you insane. The constant shouts of




In games featuring four characters, this will absolutely drive you up the wall. The worst part is there is not a way to turn off the incessant chirping or anything for that matter. Whilst the soundtrack of the game is upbeat and vibrant enough to capture the feel, it does seem to be an oversight not to include an option to either tone things down or completely turn off parts of the game’s audio. This oversight quickly becomes jarring.

Indigo 7 Quest for love Review -3

With all of that said and done, it should be noted that there are a few things to salvage from this game. The story seems fun enough to inspire a little bit of attention, the soundtrack is surprisingly catchy, and the vibrancy of the visuals is truly worthy of note. The only place where it really falls down is in the gameplay. The game tries to expand its longevity by offering a number of gameplay variants.

Adventure is where the main story is told. Single-player is where you can play the different modes found in Adventure, but as the different characters, you unlock whilst playing the main story. Multiplayer is where, as you can imagine, you’ll go against friends and family in variations of the single-player modes.

Indigo 7 Quest for love Review - 4

There is definitely some content here to explore and even a platinum Trophy to add to your collection. But, ultimately, the main draw of the game is not appealing enough to warrant more than just a cursory play of the main Adventure. After that, there is not much here to keep you coming back for more.

This Indigo 7: Quest for love review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Dolores Entertainment.

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