[PlayStation 4] Sun Wukong VS Robot Review

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2D action game Sun Wukong VS Robot from Indienova and Ratalaika Games is ready for you on PlayStation. Check our Sun Wukong VS Robot review!

Get ready to run, jump, fight, and explore! Sun Wukong VS Robot is a mini retro pixel Metroidvania game inspired by old-school classics.
Sun Wukong has awakened. Our hero appears at the center of a mechanical maze and is holding the weapon from his legends.



As Sun Wukong VS Robot from Indienova and Ratalaika Games begins, we see Sun Wukong in a fight with a huge robot. This is, unfortunately, a battle that he loses, and he’s frozen in a water jar for a very long 500 years. As he wakes up from his sleep, he’s quite angry and determined to get rid of the four robots that keep him from escaping this reality. After this impressive intro, Wukong’s adventure begins. If you’re a gaming veteran, you should immediately see a resemblance between this game and the original Metroid that was released 30 years ago on the Nintendo Entertainment System since this is indeed a mini-Metroidvania.

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You’ll then navigate through the area as you explore a new, small world before you. Since this is Metroidvania, some areas are locked from you, and you’ll eventually get the item or power-up needed to progress a bit further in the game. The whole map isn’t huge, and getting through this one can be done in a single sitting, which is not a bad thing.

As soon as you attack the first enemy in your path, you’ll notice that a number will pop up over its head, letting you know how much damage you’re dealing. This is good to know since you’ll start to see how much damage is needed to defeat each of the new enemies you’ll meet. You’ll also gain points as you defeat enemies, which you can then trade for upgrades to Sun Wukong, as well as new abilities to aid you on your quest. You can also use these points to regenerate your health or your SP so that you can use your abilities.

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As mentioned earlier, there are four main bosses to fight. You’ll probably end up dying the first time you go up against each of the four bosses in the game because you’ll first have to learn their movement and attack patterns to be able to survive the battle. Once you learn what they can do, you’ll find a way to counter that so that you can make the most of any opening to deal massive damage, eventually making them explode.

As for the presentation, the game looks like a throwback to the original Metroid and sometimes to the early Mega Man games as well. The presentation is similar to an 8-bit release, with a soundtrack to match. There are also some save points set at specific locations that you should always activate by approaching the monument that will glow and save your progress.

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Being a Ratalaika Games release, you’re looking at an easy Platinum trophy for you to unlock, along with a short trophy list containing only eleven Gold trophies to pop before you see that shiny new Platinum. The trophies are awarded for progressing through the game and for completing it, so as long as you play this one from start to finish, you’ll have a new Platinum trophy in around an hour or so, depending on your skills. This is a cross-buy game, so you will get the PS4 and PS5 versions with your purchase, and each game has a separate trophy list for you to make the most of.

Sun Wukong VS Robot is a throwback to the foundation of the Metroidvania genre and one you should enjoy if you’re a fan of the genre. I liked the game’s graphics and gameplay mechanics as I explored the small map, meeting new enemies and beating all bosses.

If you need help to complete this game, here’s a trophy guide that can help you:

This Sun Wukong VS Robot review is based on a PlayStation copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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