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by Ceidz, Owner

Puzzle game Loopindex from Somepxand Ratalaika Games is ready for you on PlayStation. Check our Loopindex review!

It’s time to explore the virtual land of Loopindex! Its vast, uncharted lands are full of puzzles to solve! Play alone, or team up with a robo-friend, and use logic and timing to clear each area.


Loopindex Somepx and Ratalaika Games doesn’t have much of a story, so as you start the game, you’ll immediately be brought into the first puzzle to solve. Your goal is to bring the two robots to the elevator on each level so that you can carry on to the next stage.

Loopindex Review

The robots must be controlled independently from one another, and you can easily switch from one to the other by pressing the Circle button. The robots are controlled with the left and right analog sticks, and you must avoid spikes and other hazards on each level. You must order the robots to automatically move over some special red regions by pressing the Square button to loop the last direction in which it was moving.

Along with playing this one on your own, Loopindex has a local multiplayer co-op mode that allows you to play with a friend, each taking control of one of the robots. I liked the inclusion of this mode, and given that the game is quite easy to get the hang of, it is fun to play with someone else.

Loopindex Review

Each level is a light puzzle that involves moving crates over switches, pressing buttons to remove spikes, and opening doors. As mentioned before, some areas will need you to move with an auto-forward mode so that you can, for example, get a box from the left side of the screen to the right one to activate a switch. The difficulty increases at a steady pace, but it never felt too hard. You will also find new companions to help you solve the puzzles, which keeps things feeling fresh. For example, you’ll find a frog in one level that you can push to make it hop until it hits an obstacle, and you can use it to trigger switches that are out of reach.

I liked the pixelated art and the game’s music, but it did get repetitive as you progress through each stage since there aren’t many different themes. As for the trophies, there are two Bronze trophies, one Silver trophy, eleven Gold trophies, and a Platinum. Being a Ratalaika Games release, this is a cross-buy release, so you can buy the PS4 and PS5 versions for a single price, which means that trophy hunters will get the option of unlocking two Platinum trophies.

Loopindex Review

All in all, Loopindex is a fun puzzle game. The levels are well designed, and the local multiplayer option was a good option. I thought that the game felt at times a bit repetitive, but it’s a budget release at $4.99 with cross-buy between the PS4 and PS5 version, along with two Platinum trophies.

If you need help to complete this game, here’s a trophy guide that can help you:

This Loopindex review is based on a PlayStation copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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