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Risk System from Newt Industries and Hidden Trap is a new side-scrolling shoot ‘em up on Nintendo Switch. Check our Risk System review!

Risk System from Newt Industries and Hidden Trap is a new side-scrolling shoot ‘em up on Nintendo Switch with a solid art style and fun gameplay mechanics. Parasite forces have now taken control of the dimensional replication gate, and it’s up to you to destroy it. Unfortunately, on top of this, your forcer squadmates are now under the control of your opponents, and you must defeat them to be able to reach the dimensional replication gate. Since you’re the only pilot who has managed to resist the parasite influence, it’s up to you to save the day!

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You’ll be piloting the RSK-9 Prototype Fighter, which uses pre-gate technology to use parasite energy to power its weapons. You’ll have limited shield capacity, so you need to be careful because, after three hits, your ship will go boom! You can check your shield’s status in the lower-left corner of the screen. By absorbing parasite energy, you’ll be able to engage in Breaker Mode. This will allow the RSK-9 to unleash the Barrier Breaker by pressing the A button to deal some serious damage to all targets, which can save you when in trouble. On top of this, while the Barrier Breaker is firing, you won’t take damage from the attacks of your enemies, but you can still take damage from collisions.

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The ship can be maneuvered either with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, using the Y and B buttons to perform a quick upward or downward barrel roll as needed. This barrel roll will give you a speed boost and can get rid of the lock-on from your enemies while also increasing your ship’s fire rate. You can press the R button to continuously fire your Energy Vulcan and can power this up by flying closer to your enemies to absorb their energy to increase your damage output. Destroying enemies with a supercharged Energy Vulcan will also unleash shield energy, which can be used to restore your lost shields. There’s also the option of setting your Energy Vulcan to autofire mode, which will make it fire when you’re on the same path as an enemy, so you can experiment with that.

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The success of the overall operation depends on your performance during each mission. Obtaining an A-Rank grade or higher will ensure that you’re successful, so there’s going to be some trial and error for this one as you learn more about your enemies’ movement and attack patterns, what each of the bosses can do, and what each mission will throw at you. To get a better rank in each mission, you must avoid taking damage, destroy as many of your enemies as possible, keep up a high combo, and beat each boss as fast as possible.

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Risk System is a good shoot ‘em up to check out on Nintendo Switch. It features a solid art style, fun gameplay mechanics, an interesting story, voice acting, and different endings to reach, all with a $9.99 asking price. It’s one that you’ll definitely play more than once as you try to improve your overall score for each mission. Given its shoot ‘em up nature, a single run should take you an hour or so at most, depending on your experience with the genre, but shoot ‘em ups are games that you’re expected to replay more than once.

This Risk System review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Hidden Trap.

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