[PS4] Hypnospace Outlaw Review

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Hypnospace Outlaw from No More Robots, Tendershoot, and Ratalaika Games is a bizarre experience that you have to check out. Learn more in our Hypnospace Outlaw review!

What if you were transported way back to the dark ages of the internet when low-resolution websites and dial-up connections were all that existed? Welcome to Hypnospace Outlaw from No More Robots, Tendershoot, and Ratalaika Games, a bizarre experience that is quite unique! You’ll play as a new Enforcer in the Hypnospace Patrol Department, and your task will be to hunt down the evildoers of the 1990s-style alternate history internet world you’re about to dive into. If you were surfing the web back in the 1990s, everything in Hypnospace Outlaw is going to feel very familiar and spot-on, so kudos to the development team because they really nailed the bizarre nature of GeoCities, Myspace, and other relics from the era.

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As for the gameplay, you’ll move a cursor around the screen with the left analog stick, clicking on the earth icon to go into the worldwide web to check out the many websites that you have to monitor. Once you’re inside of a website, you can scroll through its pages by using the D-Pad, moving the cursor with the left analog stick to interact with items by clicking with the X button. You can hold shift with the L2 button and also click on things with the R2 button if it feels more natural. To switch tabs, use the L1 and R1 buttons.

As an Enforcer, you have to monitor content and flag it accordingly based on if there’s content infringement from unauthorized display or distribution of protected work; harassment, from defamation, bullying, or excessively negative rhetoric targeting individuals active in or outside of the Hypnospace; illegal or profane activity, by way of the distribution of instructional information on illegal activities, including weapon assembly, distribution or manufacturing of illegal substances, and more; malicious software, for the distribution of harmful or unauthorized software that manipulates systems without permission or knowledge of system administrators; or extralegal commerce, for the sale of products or services by unauthorized payment processing systems, or the promotion, solicitation, or participation in multilevel marketing schemes or paid-entry contests.

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Doing your job by flagging and submitting offending content will reward you with Hypnocoins, as well as while finding all that is needed to close a case. Hypnocoins can be used at different moments of the game to be able to purchase something that will allow you to progress further and do your job. As a heads-up, you should be extra careful with what links you click on and what software you download, or else you might find yourself with some bad, bad software that is out to hurt your hardware.

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The trophy list for this one is a short one, but it does have a Platinum trophy for you to add to your collection. The list is split into ten Gold trophies, two Silver trophies, and two Bronze trophies. You’ll get your first trophy after you close your first case, which involves searching several pages for any copyright infringement by using a particular fish detective. From there, you might get one for collecting all Squisherz – think Pokémon. It’s a fun set of objectives that will have you searching every single page you visit for that one hidden thing you do not see right away.

Hypnospace Outlaw Review - Squisherz

Hypnospace Outlaw is a game that stands out on Nintendo Switch thanks to its fun premise and unique setup – an homage to 1990s internet and how bizarre things used to be? Sold! It’s a solid adventure that is a must-play on PlayStation 4. Hypnospace Outlaw is out on Sony’s console for a $19.99 asking price.

This Hypnospace Outlaw review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by No More Robots.

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