[PS4] Maze: Pedestal of Trials Review

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Maze: Pedestal of Trials is the latest first-person puzzle game from TreeFall Studios on PlayStation 4. Learn more in our Maze: Pedestal of Trials review!

Maze: Pedestal of Trials is the latest first-person puzzle game from TreeFall Studios on PlayStation 4. I enjoyed my time with prequel Maze, so I was up for checking out this new spin-off. As was the case for the previous game, you’ll get to see a miniature version of the maze you’re about to explore, which will help you get an idea of what you’re about to embark on.

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For this one, you’ll move with the left analog stick, looking around with the right analog stick. Press the L2 button, and you can run. You can jump with the X button. For Maze: Pedestal of Trials, there’s now the option of placing a checkpoint with the Square button. You can then press the L2 button to warp back to the checkpoint, destroying it in the process. This will speed things up when you’re moving around each level. Say you end up in a dead-end. If you place a checkpoint before taking a corridor, you can then warp back to the checkpoint and carry on without having to backtrack.

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Maze: Pedestal of Trials has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy for you to add to your collection. It’s a long list with eight Gold trophies, six Silver trophies, and ten Bronze trophies before you can have a new Platinum trophy. The first trophy you’ll get will be during the tutorial when you activate the new checkpoint system. After this, you’ll get another one when you reach the hub world from which you can find the mazes. The first three trophies you can then unlock are for finishing the first, second, and third mazes in the game. After that, there are trophies for completing a handful of mazes without using checkpoints, for collecting a coin, for completing a series of miscellaneous objectives, and for completing the final maze in the game.

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If you enjoyed Maze last year on PlayStation 4, then you’re going to enjoy Maze: Pedestal of Trials. You get 12 new levels to play, a new checkpoint system, and new puzzle types for this budget release. Maze: Pedestal of Trials is out on PlayStation 4 with a budget $2.99 asking price.

This Maze: Pedestal of Trials review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by TreeFall Studios.

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