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Sludge Life from Devolver Digital and is a first-person game on a small island that you have to tag with your graffiti mark. Check out our Sludge Life review!

In Sludge Life from Devolver Digital, you’ll take on a short first-person game set on a small island surrounded by sludge. You’ll be playing as GHOST, a would-be tagger who is trying to make a name for himself. It’s a stylish-looking game with a low-poly, minimalist look that will remind you of games from the first PlayStation era. The objective in Sludge Life is very simple: you need to tag as many spots as possible in order for you to boost your rep so that you can make it as a tagger.

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Since you’ll be playing from a first-person perspective, you’ll move around with the left analog stick, moving the camera with the right one. You can jump with the B button, ducking with the ZL button. Once you have a spray can in your hand and a good spot to tag, you can press the Y button to start to leave your mark as GHOST. The Y button will also be used for interacting with other characters. Once you collect a camera, you can hold the L button to bring it up, zoom in and out with the D-Pad, and take a picture with the Y button. This will allow you to check out new spots you can tag. The pictures you take will be saved to the console’s memory. You can also get your hands on a glider that will allow you to glide while falling by pressing the ZR button.

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You’ll have an old-school-looking laptop at your disposal, from which you can configure the game, play the main adventure, check your tags, as well as any items you might have collected. You’ll be able to find new programs and files to add to your laptop, such as a mini-game called Crypt Keeper, which you can use to play a game within the game, a special app for checking out the map of the island, the Big Mud app, which has a song from Big Mud himself, and more. If you want to 100% the game, you’ll have to find all tag spots and install all apps! Oh, and there’s even an app to revive you if you end up dying, the aptly titled Lifeloop.

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As for the Crypt Keeper mini-game, it is a single-screen tile-based dungeon crawler in which you’ll move one tile at a time as you try to beat the enemies you’ll run into on each of the mini-game’s 20 floors. You’ll have to gather swords and shields to boost your attack power and defense in order to survive. If you’re too weak to beat an enemy, then you’ll receive damage and will have to collect healing potions to recover any lost health. Get to the warp, and you’ll carry on to the next level. If you do things right, you’ll reach the 20th floor, where there will be a boss waiting for you. Beat the boss, and you’ll beat the mini-game!

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Sludge Life is a fun and short first-person game with a lot of style. There are 100 spots for you to tag, several apps to install on your laptop, secret slugs to find all over the island, and three endings to unlock. Add the Crypt Creeper mini-game, and you have a fun game to check out on Nintendo Switch. Sludge Life is out on Nintendo Switch with a $14.99 price.

This Sludge Life review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Devolver Digital.

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