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Mighty Goose from Blastmode and Playism is a fast-paced 2D run ‘n’ gun game that is a lot of fun on Nintendo Switch. Check out our Mighty Goose review!

In Mighty Goose from Blastmode and Playism, you’ll be taking on a fast-paced 3D run ‘n’ gun game in which you take on the role of the titular character. His mission is simple: defeat Void King and his evil forces as you travel through the galaxy, liberating every area in your path. You’re a bounty hunter and won’t stop until Void King’s reign is over. It features a very solid art style, fun gameplay mechanics, a great soundtrack, and enough action to keep you busy for a handful of hours.

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Once you’re ready to go, you get to learn all of the basics. You will move Mighty Goose around with the left analog stick, jumping with the X button and attacking with the Y button. You can do a quick roll with the A button and can honk with the X button. The roll is very important since it will allow you to quickly move around each area while also making your goose invulnerable. You can pick up weapons from the boxes you destroy, as well as health recovery items to heal your wounds.

There’s also the option of taking on a local co-op mode in which the second player will control an invincible companion that can deal some extra damage on the side. The first companion will be a mighty duck that can dash forward at a quick pace as it lays down some explosive eggs. During your first mission, you’ll unlock a new pig companion to help you, which you can select from the Armory. There are other companions for you to find, each one with different abilities to aid you on your mission.

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Once you’ve filled up the Mighty Mode meter on the upper left corner of the screen, you can activate Mighty Mode. While in Mighty Mode, your attacks will be super powerful, and your goose will be immune to most damage. Since this means you’ll be extremely overpowered, the Mighty Meter will deplete at a fast pace once you’ve activated Mighty Mode in order to balance things out. If you continue to defeat enemies while in Mighty Mode, you’ll slightly extend its duration, so be sure to keep your combo going strong.

The coins you collect can be used at the shop app on your phone to purchase weapons or vehicles. There are different weapon power-ups to improve your firepower, as well as vehicles you can command to add some extra health on top of your goose’s hit points. You could get a machine gun that will fire rapidly at enemies, a shotgun that has only thirty shots, but each one packs a considerable punch, a Tesla cannon that can electrocute your opponents, or even a rocket launcher with homing missiles.

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At the end of a mission, you’ll be ranked based on your performance. Depending on how fast you are at clearing a stage, how many kills you got, how many times you died, and the biggest combo you managed to get, you’ll be given a D or higher rating. If you’re the type who likes to 100% games, then you can always go back to replay previous missions if you want to try and improve your overall rating for that stages.

Once you’re back at the base, you can visit the Armory, where you can customize your chip loadout depending on which chips you’ve unlocked and how much energy they use. You can also pick a secondary weapon, such as the powerful Chonker Bombs that bounce around and explode after a bit, or the Mighty Booster, which will completely fill up your Mighty Meter and activate Mighty Mode right way. You can also select which companion will join you for the next mission. You’ll gain a new chip for completing missions 2 to 5, for collecting 10,000 coins, for killing 1,000 enemies, for managing to remain in Mighty Mode for a minute or more, and for completing the Desert Arena. There’s also one last chip with a mystery objective to complete, so you’ll have to play Mighty Goose to find out how to unlock it!

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Mighty Goose is a fast-paced 2D run ‘n’ gun game you should check out on Nintendo Switch. It offers a good challenge, a solid art style, and a great soundtrack, as well as a local co-op mode that makes it possible to team up locally with younger gamers who will get to help you by controlling an invincible companion who can really end up making a difference. Mighty Goose is out on Nintendo Switch with a $19.99 asking price.

This Mighty Goose review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Playism.

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