[PlayStation 4] Rift Racoon Review

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Rift Racoon from eastasiasoft, Ratalaika Games and Marcos Game Dev is a 2D puzzle platformer on PS4. Learn more in our Rift Racoon review!

In Rift Racoon from eastasiasoft, Ratalaika Games, and Marcos Game Dev, you’ll be taking on a 2D puzzle platformer on PlayStation 4. There are 50 levels to complete, as you try to first escape from the laboratory, then try and outrun the mysterious robot that is chasing after you. You’ll take control over Tucker, a raccoon that will gain some powerful powers thanks to scientific experiments and gadgets. Bump into something, and you’re going to break it. Jump on top of a monitor, and you’re going to destroy it.

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You’ll move your raccoon with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, jumping with the X button. Since you have some very sharp claws, you’ll be able to climb some walls as you make your way from checkpoint to checkpoint, moving from point A to point B so that you can reach the exit. You’ll soon find a special bracelet that will allow you to teleport over a short distance by pressing the Square button. You’ll later fund floating lightbulbs that will restore one charge for your teleportation power, which will help to introduce trickier level layouts.

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While the game has 50 levels in total, for the Platinum trophy, you’ll only have to complete the first thirteen stages. On top of this, you have to collect three of the gems hidden in the levels… although, for me, the trophy only popped when I collected a fourth gem. All things considered, you’re going to spend an hour at most before you can get that Platinum trophy notification to pop on your screen as you teleport left, right, up, and down through each stage.

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If you’re looking for a fun 2D puzzle platformer starring a teleporting raccoon, then Rift Racoon is the right option for you. It offers 50 stages to complete with a solid difficulty curve that won’t overwhelm players. Rift Racoon is out on PlayStation 4 with a low $4.99 asking price, making it an easy one to recommend.

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This Rift Racoon review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by eastasiasoft.

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