[PlayStation 4] Rabisco+ Review

by Ceidz, Owner

Rabisco+ from Green Dinosaur Games and Ratalaika Games is a puzzle game in which you are on your way to help the moon recover her lost stars. Check our Rabisco+ review!

The moon has become sad because her stars are lost, and now the sky is dark and empty.

Help Ms. Rabisco to recover the moon’s lost stars and bring back the light to this cute but dangerous world. Immerse yourself in an adorable art style inspired by crayons, radiant colors, and hand-drawn lines. The Bossa Nova-inspired soundtrack complements the aesthetic to create a relaxing atmosphere.

The stars have left the sky, and the Moon is now alone in the sky. Taking this situation to heart, you decide to go out and help the lonely moon recover her friends.

As soon as the game began, I immediately felt a Yoshi Island vibe. The game is presented as if it was hand-drawn on a lined paper sheet by a kid, and it’s very colorful.

Rabisco+ PS4 Review

The gameplay is really easy to get the hang of. You move with the left analog stick and dash with the X button to go faster or break walls. And, that’s it! The controls are also very fluid and responsive, and the collision detection isn’t punishing.

The difficulty is progressive and one thing I liked is that it isn’t frustrating. If you get hit by an object and must restart either the level of to your previous checkpoint, you’ll probably say “oops” and just restart while being more careful.

At the beginning of each level, there’s a pod that allows you to see the whole level with a bird’s eye view. This optionally allows you to scout the level to familiarize yourself with it and see if there are dead ends down the road. There are 100 levels in total.

Rabisco+ Review

As for the presentation of this game, it is impeccable. The graphics are colorful and the soundtrack is also great and cheerful – while some tracks feel a little on the childish side. I noticed late in my game session that every object had a smiling or frowning face, which adds to the general impression of polishing this game offers.

On the trophies side, they are 100 levels in total, but if you’re only looking at the Platinum trophy, it requires you to beat the first 40 levels. There are 13 trophies total of 2 Silver, 10 Gold, and a Platinum that is very easy to achieve and can be obtained in around half an hour with no missable trophies. You shouldn’t need it in this game, but just in case, here’s a trophy guide.

Rabisco+ PlayStation 4 Review

Rabisco+ is fun and I liked how colorful and cheerful this whole game is. Saving the moon was a fun experience and if you’re a trophy hunter or simply looking for a good albeit short game, then this one is very easy to recommend.

Once I had finished my first gaming session, my 10-years-old daughter took the controller and began a new game, which is to say that the game is both accessible to younger gamers and a fun game to watch.

This Rabisco+ review is based on a PlayStation 4 code provided by Ratalaika Games.

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