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The Longing from Studio Seufz and Application Systems Heidelberg Software is a very interesting adventure game set over the course of 400 real-time days. Learn more in our The Longing review!

In The Longing from Studio Seufz and Application Systems Heidelberg Software is a very interesting adventure game set over the course of 400 real-time days. Yes, you read that right. This is a game that takes 9,600 hours of real-time to complete! There’s A LOT to do in the 400 days you need to wait before you can wake up the King. You could search for the four pieces of an instrument so that you can play some music. You can draw images – and search for new colors around the cave to draw with them. You could sit down on your couch and stare at the walls. Or maybe take one of the books from your library and read them. At first, you’ll only have Moby Dick – and yes, that is all of Moby Dick proper -, Thus Spoke Zarathustra (Part 1), The Good Girl, and a “Thoughts” book to read, but you can find more books as you explore the cavern.

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The game can be controlled either with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, or by using the console’s touchscreen when playing in Portable or Tabletop Mode, or when taking The Longing for a spin on a Nintendo Switch Lite. With the physical controllers, you can walk with the left analog stick, using the A button to interact with things or to move objects. You can also auto walk by pressing the Y button. As for the touch controls, just touch where you want to go or tap an object to see what it’s all about.

Going back to the Thoughts book mentioned before, I do want to say that this is a book you should check every now and then when you’re back home. Shade will write down some important notes in it, changing things as you explore more of the caves around your home. For example, the Thoughts book will remind you that the King warned you to never leave the caves. Once you find a particular set of carvings on a large wall, you will be able to see a map of the entire cave – that is, if you have the patience to wait while Shade examines it!

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He will make a note of a secret library that is hidden somewhere in the cave, which is very important because reading is one of the activities you can perform to make time pass at a faster pace. Shade also dreams of finding a book that never ends! You will also realize that he’s fully aware of how his current home is not ideal for the 400 days of waiting in his future. He’d like to have colorful drawings to decorate the walls. If he could locate a mattock, it would be possible to expand his room. Locating the right materials would also allow him to build a bed where he can relax and perhaps have a dream or two. Having some running water at home would also be nice. While Shade does not need to eat, growing some mushrooms at home to keep him company would not be a bad idea.

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You have plenty of time to explore everything that The Longing has to offer. And while, yes, you could, in theory, play for 9,600 hours, things such as eating and sleeping will probably get in the way. Worry not, because time will also pass while you’re away from the game, so you can take on this adventure at your own pace. Try to open an ancient door, and you might need to wait a handful of minutes before it finally opens. Walk up a set of stairs, and Shade will take each step as if it was its last. There are also ways to speed up the game a little bit here and there so that 400 real days are not completely necessary to see one of the endings the game has to offer.

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The Longing is an unusual type of experience on Nintendo Switch. It has a great art style, a very interesting premise, and a slow pace that is not going to be for everyone. Sure, there are ways for you to speed up time – making Shade’s room more comfortable so that he enjoys his time there, reading a book every now and then – but this is a long one that you’re not going to complete in a week or two. The Longing is a game that stands out on Nintendo Switch, and it’s out for $14.99.

This The Longing review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Application Systems Heidelberg Software.

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