[Nintendo Switch] Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia Review

by EdEN, Owner

Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia from Circus Atos and RedDeerGames is a fun all-ages game in which you’ll learn lots of valuable information about plants and animals. Check our Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia review!

In Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia from Circus Atos and RedDeerGames, you’ll be taking on a fun all-ages game in which you’ll learn lots of valuable information about plants and animals in a beautifully hand-drawn interactive experience. You’ll get to explore four different habitats that will contain more than 160 species of plants and animals for you to discover! It’s a very relaxing and chill experience that can be played at your own pace. The game is available in 18 languages, which is a ton of info in a ton of different languages!

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The controls are easy to understand so that players of all skill levels can take this one for a spin. You’ll move your little mouse either with the left analog stick or by touching around the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen when playing in Portable or Tabletop Mode or when on a Nintendo Switch Lite. You can take a closer look at points of interest by using the magnifying glass and pressing the Y button. Animals or plants can come to life when you press the A button, showing you what they can do.

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Every time you interact with an animal or plant, you’ll get lots of information on that specimen, which will allow your little ones – and yourself! – to learn many important facts, valuable information that will help everyone learn as they play. Did you, for example, know that cabbage butterfly’s wings are covered with scales? Or that the brown centipede has fifteen pairs of legs? Or the fact that the blackbird lays blue-green eggs?

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If you’re looking for a different type of experience on Nintendo Switch with a colorful presentation, hundreds of specimens to interact with, and a ton of information to learn, then Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia, with its gorgeous hand-drawn look and relaxing soundtrack, is a good option on Nintendo’s console. The game is out now with a $12.99 asking price.

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This Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by RedDeerGames.

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